The receiver group

So now who do we add to this group. We now have Chark, Reynolds, St. Brown and Cephus. I think we will draft one pretty high . What are your expectations now ? Will you still want to draft one in the first round or wait till the third?

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I wouldn’t have drafted one in the first round to begin with, regardless of what they did in FA. Pick me up a Skyy Moore/Jalen Tolbert/Christian Watson type at #66 if they’re there and call it day.


Lions expected to sign Williams. There ya go Davicus, your NFL starter lol

Unless a freaking stud drops to us I would wait till the third .


Where do you see this? My heart rate just went to 180/120 and I can’t find anything that confirms this LOL


That would be nice

I still hope we draft one at 32/34 to start opposite Chark.

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“But this, does put a smile on my face.”

Agree with you if we land Williams. If not I’m okay with them just taking BPA with a bias towards the defensive side of the ball.

I think they need to go D early. I really want #2, #32, #34 all on that side of the ball. But #66? Give me the best remaining WR.

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Not sure how reliable the source is, but I mentioned for months now I believe they will go hard after Marcus Williams and he will be a Lion. He is our crown jewel of FA.

Walker and Williams will be our starting safeties this year. Glenn loves to switch up his safeties and with both these guy able to play the deep middle he can do that.

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If they do sign Williams and Brisker is there at 34, do you grab him? I like both Williams and Walker, but they are similar players (more FS). I think the Lions need an in the box SS type and Harris is not that guy.

No shit!?!?

Well now we have 5 . Raymond is back.

keeping insurance plans so we can go BPA
(with hopefully a little BLPA mixed in)

That didn’t age well.

We technically have 8:


I don’t expect Benson, Kennedy, or McKinley to make the roster…but they are all under contract for next season.


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