The rich get a little richer--Darius Rush claimed by the Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs have claimed corner Darius Rush off of waivers from the Colts. The 2023 fifth-round pick out of South Carolina was a surprising cut on Tuesday.

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So no other team wanted him? Whose grandmother did he insult?

What The Hell Just Happened Reaction GIF

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Starling Thomas claimed by the third team in the waiver order, Rush by the 32nd.


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The chiefs are about to get a little less rich. When’s the last time they had a losing record.
…bloody Thursday is coming soon.
The barbarian horde will be behind enemy lines


Very Clausewitzian…Schwerpunkt them

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Thomas claimed by the worst, least talented team.

Rush claimed by the champs and most stacked squad.

Glad, would hate if it was the other way around.

Starling gets some PT this year, could develop for a tanking team. And doesn’t give Andy our playbook.

Rush hopefully sticks and turns into a stud in the AFC.

If you can’t make the Colts’ squad, you’re not very good. They have the worst secondary in the league.

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I see your point, but remember Emmanuel Moseley was cut from a team that started 1-10 the year before. Nobody claimed him.

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“Gunter, Gleiben, Glauchen, Globen”


And they knew it. They spent second, fifth (Rush) and seventh round picks on the secondary, and supposedly the seventh rounder outplayed Rush.
What I can’t believe is that 31 other teams passed on him.
Rush vs. Dorsey…the only comfort is that we have incomplete info. Maybe he’s very turdian.

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Darius â– â– â– â– â– â– 


Weeze had me on a google exercise with that one too.

This is a confusing move by Veach/Andy, to be honest. We already have a full room of quality DBs, so no one in CP knows why we needed another.

But Spags is a genius at developing DBs, so what the heck, i guess.

You guys can afford to develop him as well. Definitely worth putting on your PS IMO so good job by KC. Won’t surprise me if he turns out to be a good player for you guys.

Yeah, his measurables are fantastic. And a prototypical Spags DB with his height/length. I have to assume he’s got a high football IQ, because those are the only guys Veach gets for Spags.

i think he will become a good Db for us, just curious what Spags’ timetable is for the guy. This year seems to be a dim possibility with the relative strength of the DB room already.

But we may lose Sneed next year, so maybe that’s the plan down the road.

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He’s got the physical tools, but he’s raw. I think he just needs a year or 2 of good coaching.

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