The Sphere revisited

Been a while since I was , and was proud of, being a live in Spheroid. After taking a walk-a-bout in the Mundane World, and being mostly rejected due to my being slow and incompetent, I decided to re-inhabit my home place in the Sphere. Cleaning the place out went a lot faster using a leaf blower. I opened the back door and let 'er rip ! Course, the dust blew out and covered the Venus Flytrap bed, but they’re a hardy sort and the crawlies in the dust will keep them fed for weeks.
Llarry, the Lost LLama Lleader , saw the dust cloud and stopped by to wish me a hardy ," Welcome back !" I admired the glitter on his toenails, so he gave me a healthy swig of a Green Hammer he kept in his backpack. It tasted funny, so I commented on it. He said that the lady who had the recipe , said that she would no longer make them because it gave pleasure to the patriarchy, and then she burnt the recipe, and headed of to join the feminist movement. Llarry was making do with 2/3 Evon Williams and 1/3 lime kool aid. We knocked back a couple, sat down and started reminiscing . The day ended with a green and purple sunset, so we each went back to our separate abodes to sleep the good sleep.
This re-acquaintance is going to be interesting !


Hmmm, thanks for the reminder of something I haven’t embellished in, in a long time…Lime Koolaid, or any Koolaid really.

Think I’ll have to run out and get some, and maybe even a couple packets of Grape as well. (Do they even make those little packets of Koolaid any more?)

Oh, and thanks for bringing a little bit of the past into the present. Good memories.

Hope you enjoy your return to the sphere.

Don’t give a shit about all that, how’s Percy?