The Staff could be giving players first few games to keep spot

I think we will see few changes this next game not from injury but just have a look at other players .

I would like to see Barnes see playing time at LB I would give Levi more work an Williams less or spell off Williams with Brockers After game 3 we get two DLman back or could be back one for sure …not sure Hand is healed.
But Cornell will be done suspension
Also Decker could be back on O

Playing time should work itself out organically. I think Analzone will be an exception where he will stay on the field no matter what. I know fans always bitch at the beginning of every season when some vet is playing ahead of some rookie. But they aren’t in the building when the coach asks the kid a simple gameplan question and the kid looks at the coach like he’s got 3 heads. Its hard to say someone is “better” when they don’t know what the F they are doing yet.

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Barnes will play more IMO I agree AZ he will play regular i am not keen with his play but not as bad as some fans think.
e need more quick in LB position I think Barnes can give us that or i would like to see him play more.
Sounds like he will an Collins may see his time cut back he is like HC said bigger an suited for rush downs.

Those who complaine about pass that went by AZ should look again that was a perfect pass the coverage was also perfect sometimes the other team just make a a very good play.

Th Lion TD to Hock was example for Lions of a perfect pass an catch over fine coverage. It does happen teams make good plays an fans just don’t see it when its the other guy.