The Stafford Story 11 tonight

Airs on Channel 4 News at 11. if anybody is interested.

Matthew Stafford speaks publicly about trade in special airing Wednesday night - Pride Of Detroit

As someone who is not the most tech savvy, I’d love it if someone would post a link to how to stream it (especially recorded), if possible.

I’m sure they’ll have it up on after it airs. At least that’s what I’m counting on in the morning.

I’m not sure I can get it either.
Pride of Detroit said they will stream it if they make it available to them. I think.

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So, does this make it the last time we hear from Kelly? This trade just keeps getting better.


It’s a 2 part story.
Oops, … " multi part story over 2 days"
whatever that means.

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Takes a long time to talk about all the big playoff victories… oh wait, too soon!?

:rofl: :rofl:

Regarding the User frustration with his old PC Monitor, I almost did that a few days ago to my PC Monitor when I was a victim of an electrical power surge, which only affected my monitor. The PC Tower, phone, router, using the same Surge Protector, were all unaffected. The Surge Protector did its job, but the Monitor lost its visual capability, though it still worked, just with no picture. At first, I thought my PC Video Card was kaput. Then, I decided to simply turn the Surge Protector off and then back on. Voila !! The visual capability on my Monitor was restored. All is well…


Yeah, and the entire history of the Detroit Lions would only be slightly longer.

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I remember watching the Eric Hipple story, Gary Danielson story, Rodney Peete story, and Charlie Batch story. Riveting television for sure.

I’m partial to the “The Scott Mitchell Story - Halloween Edition”.