The Stafford trade that almost happened from the Panthers perspective

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Thanks for the link. Not much of a story there beyond what we already knew.

What I think we’d all like to know is how much more the Panthers wish they’d have offered to get the deal done. What kind of brinksmanship was taking place between the three parties? Did Detroit come back and give the Panthers a chance to sweeten the pot? Did the Panthers ever attempt a counter offer after learning the deal would be with the Rams? If the Panthers had raised the stakes, could Detroit have gotten even more out of the Rams?


This quote by a Panthers front office member sums up why they’re mostly stuck in mediocrity:

“We won. We had it,” one Panthers source said. “Then it went away.”

Nothing prevented the Panthers from upping their offer. Holmes called them to tell them he was favoring LA’s offer. Ok so we’ll add another mid rounder and a future pick too. Or a player on our roster you like. Honestly what’s helping the Panthers more right now? A rookie corner or Stafford? Franchise altering decision and you’re on losing it over a couple more draft picks?

To me this short sighted thinking is why crappy teams stay crappy.


The Lions better hope this Rams run is one-and-done, and they can’t sustain it next year. Because two picks in the 30s isn’t nearly as good as a pick at 8.

I fear that’s not the case, however.

Oh, crap, I forgot … Matthew wanted to go to L.A. So we needed to accommodate that, for “all he’d done for us.”

I momentarily was thinking about what was better for the Lions franchise.


As the article stated, Stafford for Bridgewater and the 8th pick would have been a steal for the Panthers.


And yet it’s still better than what we’re getting from the Rams. Unless Goff proves to be the answer at QB.

Too soon to make a definitive statement on what would/is better, you cannot know that yet. We all have opinions on it, sure, but can’t make an absolute on it.

Also, Lions ridiculed for CJ and Barry leaving the way they did and they made a decision, right or wrong, to favor the player this time. We will see after 2023 the full results.

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Still happy. If we had stafford this year, we might have reached 7-10 this year.

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If you think Bridgewater is the answer at QB, I have some bad news for you.

Panthers are dumb. They could have had Justin Fields.

If by that you mean, “Brad Holmes might land Hall of Famers that play for the Lions for a dozen years at those bottom-of-the-first-round Rams picks, so it’s too soon to know,” that’s true.

Otherwise, it isn’t too soon to know. The 8th overall pick is worth more than two picks at the end of the first round, by every generally accepted metric.

Who said that?

I think Bridgewater could have guided the team to 3 wins, too. As he awaited being replaced by a new, young, cheap QB for the rebuild.

We haven’t even drafted anyone and you’re already throwing it in? I would take 2 late first rounders over one #8 all day everyday.

No. 3 picks. 2 first rounders and a 3rd plus a above average qb is better and gives the lions more flexibility then a below average qb and 1 pick. If Goff is bad next year and the lions like a player that’s top 5 they can use their extra picks to potentially move up. Goff would have more trade value then Bridgewater in a dire situation…….


Exactly. That 3rd round pick paired with a late first is basically an early 1st value wise. Give me that all day PLUS another first.


The Rams were offering actual draft picks for Stafford. The Panthers were offering to trade down and use Stafford as the trade chip.

These things are not alike.

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Not sure I agree with this at all…

He won 3 and 5 his last 2 years here with a full roster…

When Stafford left we started a purge that choked out nearly 60M of dead cap.

We would have kicked the can down the road. Signed Golladay and Marvin back for sure. This we couldn’t have cut the likes of Daniels, James, Shelton, Trufant, Coleman etc.

Stafford hadnt played with a roster like THIS Lioks team once in his career!

We had half a year with a rookie and a bum off the street as our tackles.

Stafford all pro center missed like 14 games, and another guy off the street.

We lost our top 3 wrs from last year.

Hock and Swift both missed a fair amount of time

Romeo, Okudah, AO, Flowers all spent a ton of time out….3 of them missed almost the whole season and that was again after purging Shelton, Coleman, Trufant, and Collins too.

It’s a moot point since he left. But had he stayed as you say Jones and Kg may have stayed…….with this line and run game….probably would have competed for the last playoff spot………

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If for whatever reason the Lions decide to move on from Goff, he has trade value. Keeping him thru the end of his contract we would also get a pick. THAT’s what the trade is worth.


Goff has played in a SB and was an MVP candidate with multiple pro bowls. He ended the year on a 11-2 TD to INT ratio with a 4th Rd rookie WR and practice squad fodder around him.

He was a big time college player, a former #1 overall pick and a guy who balled out in 2017 and 2018 as a 23 and 24 year old.

WHEN Goff throws 26-29 tds and 10-12 ints and the Lions win 8-9 games this year, he will carry a first round trade value himself. Maybe more.

Jimmy G played in NFC Championship and was a Stafford dropped duck by Tart from playing in his second SB

68% 20 td 12 ints 15 games Jimmy

68% 19 td 8 ints 14 games Goff

Who played with Deebo, Aiyiuk, and Kittles?

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