The struggle is on


well…I wonder how painful it’s going to be to pour bleach in my eyes anyway.


How do I “un-see” that???

Now that’s Phat!!

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I believe its Thicc in todays terms

It appears from that photo that Andy Reid has been dieting and working out.

That is one of the funniest things I have ever seen! Thanks for the laugh Stormi

A buddy sent that to me this morning. Talk about getting your day started off right…

Safe travels tomorrow sir!

Thank you. When are u heading out?

Friday morning. Ill be driving out from KC, so about 13 hours with the time change. My dad is in Livonia, so Ill be staying there for 4 days and might go wander through the old Novi stomping grounds Monday. Heading to St Louis for another 4 days on Tuesday morning to visit my grandpa who isnt doing so well

That’s a lot of driving! Have a safe trip brother!

Will do, thanks! I dont mind road trips, so this should be fun!

Oh boy. Can’t un-see that.

Patricia’s heel must be feeling better


Mattys planted that lame stem pretty well. Tough BMF there!

Well done! MP has the upper hand.