The take that The Rams must make the Playoffs Or a Bowl in 2021 is a joke!

This is commentary by Stafford haters. It’s The “now Stafford is on a better team, he must reach a bowl.” stuff.

OK fair. But He JUST landed in LA and has to learn their playbook, his teammates, his coaching staff, his O-line, RB’s , WR’s , the scheme and practice wit THAT team to find out who he gels with.

This isn’t “instant” Bowl chit.

They better be in the Super Bowl in the next 2 years there key players are getting older and there cap situation is a mess.To me it’s the most pressure Matt will ever be under as a QB.They brought him in for 1 reason and that’s to win a Super Bowl in the next 2 years.


I disagree, Wolf. Stafford is noted as being a smart QB. Stafford has played in a number of systems. He’s going to a team that feels it was a QB away from a Superbowl victory. So, really, this isn’t just a “hater” narrative. This is the expectation of the Rams themself.


Sorry wolf…errr I mean Kelly. You are living in a fantasy world.

That is all.


Exactly! They traded so much to get Goff originally and now trade even more for Stafford. The salary cap is a disaster in LA and they have almost no draft picks moving forward. If they don’t go deep in the playoffs, it’s a huge failure of a season. Goff already took them to the super bowl and that wasn’t good enough according to their hot shot coach. Welcome to the big time Stafford, you have never had pressure and expectations like this before.

The problem for Stafford is that he’s not even the best QB in the NFC West and that division is loaded with strong teams. Making the playoff is going to be a challenge.


I agree that the expectations are higher. The pressure, though, is probably lifted a bit. He doesn’t have to carry the team like he did here. It shouldn’t win or lose based on his heroics alone as we did here. He should be able to go out there and play in their system knowing that their defense is good enough that if the offense does make a mistake, it’s not an instant death blow to their chances of victory.


That is a very good point about having a strong defense, Staff will be shocked to see the other team’s punter, the Lions haven’t forced a team to punt since 2014.

If the Rams are smart, they are going to run the heck out of the football. By doing that it’ll open the play action, which Staff is good at. Also, the more they run it, the healthier Stafford will stay. Protecting Stafford and keeping him healthy should be extremely high on their priority list if they are going to be serious contenders.

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Someone pointed out in a thread yesterday - Stafford has been a part of 11 games that included a 100 yard rusher on his side.
of those 11 games, is 9-2.

Couple that with an actual NFL caliber defense.
I’m thinking the Rams are gonna do okay, this year.

Expectations are high, as they should be. This is the Rams pushing all of their chips into the middle.

According to Vegas, they’ve roughly doubled their chances at winning the Super Bowl. It’s still a long shot, and the odds are still better that they won’t win it than they will. The odds are always like that.

You don’t get to win the championship by playing it safe. Smart gambles like this are what it takes. Will this one pay off? Again, the odds are against it. But they’re way closer now than they were two weeks ago.

I mean, Tom Brady made the Super Bowl in his first year, so I think it would be fair for a team that made the playoffs last year to expect to at least make the playoffs this year with their ‘superior’ new quarterback.


Definitely will be expected to make the playoffs and make a push for the championship. That’s why the Rams did the deal.
But if they don’t win it all won’t mean Stafford is a bust.
I mean A Rog and the Pack are sitting at home this year.
If they tank, the Stafford dissenters will get to crow at least for a year.

Are we so used to making excuses for Matt that we instinctively do it even when he’s on another team?


And most importantly we are Lions fans, if they tank, fantastic we got their next 2 first rounders.

I’m a bit torn because I do wish Stafford well and admired his toughness. But, I want him to lose every game he plays because it would be a massive help to rebuild the Lions.


Ya got that right!

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That would be weird if Lions fans are sad about the Rams losing. We literally benefit from it.


From reading the posts on this forum though, we clearly have some posters that are bigger Stafford fans than they are Lions fans. They could just be Kelly Stafford posting though.

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I mean, he only has to win six games to be bowl eligible right?

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they aren’t winning a bowl this season . Stafford JUST got there, there are numerous claims the O-line THERE is worse than Detroit’s Stafford has to get used to playing there before they can even think bowl. and he has to learn to be more creative IF their pass pro is THAT bad.- so I disagree with your disagreement.

I think there’s only one guy here that is a bigger fan of Matt than the Lions.
I think Matt will be in the MVP conversation, this year.
As an intellectual fan, I want the Rams to lose.
As soon as the ball is kicked off, I’ll be rooting for Matt to win every game that he’s not playing us.
My heart wants Matt to win.
My mind wants the Rams to lose.
My heart wants the Lions in the SB - NOW
My mind knows they will not be.


^^^^ Yeah… this was my thought too.