The Team Captain Draft

Detroit Lions 2022 Draft Picks:
• Josh Paschal - 3x UK Captain (2019-2021)
• Aidan Hutchinson - 2x U-M Captain (2020-21)
• Malcolm Rodriguez - 2x Oklahoma State Captain (2020-21)
• James Mitchell - 1x Virginia Tech Captain (2021)
• Chase Lucas - 1x ASU Captain (2021)


Kweisi Adofo-Mensah- Captain Calculator


Also, all of them rank near or at the top of handsomest guy on their team.
Lions are, and will continue to be…the best looking team in football.
Smartest, meanest, nastiest, most handsome, big…hairy…American…Winnin’Machine!


How many are bald? Thats the important question

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Rooks these days are getting soft. We drafted Hutch…who weeks before the draft had a “boy band” haircut (thankfully he got it trimmed up before the draft)

Some dread lock stuff going on, some manly and “getting close” buzz cuts.

No true bald dudes.

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Can’t be a bad thing to get a bunch of leaders in the building.


And to add to that - not that UK football is always blowing the world up - but he’s the ONLY 3-time in the schools entire history. (they started playing football in 1915)


They got a bunch of alpha dogs and now they are gonna throw all the alpha dogs onto the field and see who’s the most alpha along with the rest of the team.

And hope the other alpha dogs keep trying to become THE alpha dog.

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Knee-cappers, and we got a bunch of them; from the top down to the PS (as evidenced last year. Jerry Jacobs anyone? Netflix anyone?)

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Definitely not
Over the years I’ve come to believe that any organization benefits if it brings in leaders, top to bottom.
Some have surprisingly disagreed with the concept but then I assume they don’t really understand what a leader is.


I get your point and agree. But in a year, we will have forgotten who was a team captain but remember this as a draft where we drafted true difference makers. I am certain we drafted one, but think we might have drafted one on each side of the ball while adding additional solid players.

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Over the years not only did it seam the lions didnt draft leaders… when they somehow had some on the team they made sure to trade them away asap… they hated team leaders as trouble makers…

Are there examples beyond the Patrica years?

Jerry ball, lomas brown are 2 older examples. They didnt like how outspoken they were and that they were team leaders.


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