The Template For Jahmyr: Alvin or Deebo?

In another thread, I suggested that Jahmyr the Fear would be used more like Deebo Samuels than Alvin Kamara. @Mr.Peabody suggested, um, no. I think that’s a quote.

What kind of run/receiving balance do you envision this year for The Fear? Will he be used more like Deebo or Alvin? Will the 6 game absence of Jamo significantly affect Jahmyr’s usage? Presume that both David Montgomery and Jahmyr Gibbs are healthy throughout the season.

In the last 2 years, Deebo Samuel averaged 6.0 yards on 70 carries and 1201 yards on 77 receptions with 117 targets.

In the last 3 years, Alvin Kamara averaged 4.2 yards on 231 carries and 574 yards on 64 receptions with 82 targets.

Note: I did old math to arrive at those figures. But they seem pretty truthy to me. :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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My guess is that he lands in the middle.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Gibbs averages less than 10 carries per game (<170 for season)… and averages >5 targets per game… with a 75% catch rate resulting in about 60-80 catches.


I think the Jamo situation is an extenuating circumstance that DOES matter.

Also…I am not a fan of putting a ton of hard miles on Monty early in the season, but it will be more than I want.

RB2 is super-important in keeping RB1 healthy
IMO, it’s very important in today’s NFL to split up the RB work load.
Stylistically, I think Gibby will stay healthier, just because of what/who he is talent-wise…more sneaky than power.

I think both Deebo & Kamara have a little more physical power than him, but he is sneakier than Debo, more flat out speed than either one of them.

His usage will be somewhere in between them. More plays at RB (not rushes) than Deebo, WR usage than Kamara

He’s going to catch a ton of footballs out of the backfield (from being lined up as a RB)


I’d prefer some sort of combination of Kamara and Tyreek Hill.


I am thinking 180 carries for 1k yards rushing plus 80 catches 1k yards recieving for Gibbs.

For Montgomery I see 260 carries for 1150 yards rushing and 35 receptions for 400 yards.

Add in another 400 rushing yards from our Minnesota UDFA rb. He and Monty are going to punch linebackers in the mouth all day while Gibby runs by them.

Our running game takes us to the promised land by providing true balane


Kamara usage but with Jamaal Charles’ gamebreaking ability is my hope.

I’m sticking with Etienne/Mccaffrey



There are only so many footballs to go around. The Lions are well-stocked to distribute the ball and keep defenses guessing. Going to be fun to watch. I think they will want to keep Jah healthy over the five years they have control over him. I think fantasy owners may be disappointed, but he’s a force multiplier who will be special in the league.


Let’s see, and compare the next generation to Jahmyr.


I agree

Not seeing a comp

Deebo? More WR
Hill ? Ditto
Kamara? More bellcow and not even remotely close in speed
McCaffrey? Getting closer be he too is a bellcow

Gibbs is going to define a new role, I like it, he going to be a weapon


Gibbs is a RB with WR skills, Deebo is a WR with RB skills…they are not the same or equal.


He doesn’t really look like any RB I’ve ever seen. Such a tweener between RB and WR. He doesn’t have the low gravity carriage the bell cows have. But he can definitely run between the tackles and is much tougher than he looks.

Put it this way. The more effective he is, the more other guys will get opportunities. And he’s a humble team-first kid, so I don’t think he’ll mind one bit.



That’s a great comp body-wise.

I don’t think he’ll ever see the number of carries that Charles got, not even remotely close. 1407 for Jamaal. 44 TDs.

If he stays healthy willing to bet Gibbs has far fewer carries and many more TDs.


That is my hope. I suppose you’ll there’s need to run Jahmyr up the middle occasionally to make it a viable threat that needs to be defended, but with Goff’s accuracy and Ja Fear’s receiving chops, I’d hope they keep RB wear-and-tear miles off him.

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Personally I’m for using him as much as his body will handle while we have him on the first contract.

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If he excels as a receiver, his second contract could be in line with WRs. In either case, he probably won’t get a second contract with us. Bonus question: if he clearly excels as a receiver, would he be franchise tagged as a RB or WR? I don’t think weapon is a designation.

I think you guys will be re-thinking all of this stuff when you see him on the field.

I say he gets a second contact.
Very interesting question about franchising. I think he will always lean toward being a RB, though a pass catching RB. He’s gonna be used in the passing game a shitload

I hate to say it but…