The things McVay is saying

really have me rooting for Goff to make him eat his words!

And the disrespect for Goff makes me root even harder.

Check this article out:


Detroit is like an expansion team loaded with 1st round picks. We are going to be playing a different brand of football this year and no one (at least the fans/media/other teams) has any idea really what to expect.

We have a solid O-line, arguably one of the top 10 in the league. We have a former 1st overall pick at QB, still young, that needed a change of scenery. Swift will be over 1,500 rushing/receiving this year. A chemistry seems to be developing between Goff & Hock, which should be good for both. The only negative on the offense is the lack of a “star” WR but I still think Goff ends up with 30 TD’s this year (combined passing/rushing). He just needs to keep the turnovers at 10 or less (combined INT/fumble).

Defense will be the real test. Are we able to stop opponents from running the ball ?? Will we cause pressure that leads to turnovers ??

Our front office & staff have set themselves up for legend status by trading Stafford for Goff + picks. The ONLY way for Detroit to lose in this trade is for Stafford to win a Superbowl in the next 2 years and Goff to play terribly and get cut.

If Stafford gets hurt/sucks, Detroit wins.
If the Rams suck, Detroit wins.
If Stafford/Goff play about the same, Detroit wins.
If Goff does better than Stafford and wins playoff game before Stafford, staff become Detroit legends.


That article is going to trigger the crowd that thinks Goff was worth a 1st and a 3rd himself. They’re more comfortable thinking that we got the equivalent of 3 1st round picks and 2 3rds for Stafford than to think Goff was any kind of albatross.

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I don’t think it’s crazy to think that Goff is worth what Wentz was in a trade package which will likely be a first and a third.


Florio is an arrogant blowhard, but he’s spot on in this case and braying about it. I’m glad he’s making that history prominent at PFT to pass under the noses of McVay sychophants like smelling salts. I grant that the 2021 season could be smelling salts for my giddy visions too because don’t ya know, I’ve been wrong before. No, seriously, I’ve been wrong before… :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


You mean Goff becomes a Detroit legend.


The GM that made the deal becomes Detroit legend.


Neither of them are ever likely to pass the legend status of Mike Florio

… in his own mind

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I would also add if Aaron Donald gets injured, it probably ends up as a win for Detroit. Don’t want it to happen because I love watching him play. Just sayin……

The dumb thing to contend is what Florio does… that Goff had negative value which required extra draft compensation. This assertion was retarded on its face, and it’s been debunked several times here.

What Goff’s worth would be in a hypothetical trade can be debated, but Wentz seems like a pretty reasonable comp across the board… situation, salary, stats, etc.

Whether Goff ends up playing well here or not is to be seen. But the idea that Goff was some sort of Brock Osweiler-esque burden is as dumb as… well, Mike Florio.


I agree.

I just don’t get the issue with coaches not bad mouthing their own players to the media. What they feel “really” about a player will almost ALWAYS stay inside the team circle. The NFL is a what have you done for me 5 seconds ago league. So it isn’t crazy to think that when McVay was speaking glowingly about Goff he believed it and was speaking the truth. Then (shocker) things CHANGE. McVay hasn’t been real high roadish and has let a little too much out of the bag. That may be why it’s such a story. I do hope Goff has a chip on his shoulder and uses it as motivation to show everyone he can still be an elite QB. As to what McVay said or says, meh I don’t really care too much because what we hear will likely never be the “real” story.


This post nailed it.

Or should I say… “piped it”??? :sunglasses:


I’d agree, but the narrative this off-season that I have seen is that Goff is trash.

I even saw an article recently (I think it was from pro football talk) where they said Wentz was widely considered the better prospect in the 2016 draft - it was really strange and like a statement of fact. I will not claim that I followed the QB drama of the 2016 draft, but I don’t recall a lot of surprise that Goff was taken #1. Also, from everything I have seen to date I still think Goff is the better QB.


Trust your grade at the end of the season.

Someday it’s going to dawn on the world that McVay isn’t a great coach, has trouble making adjustments; that McVay is a shitty communicator; that McVay has a habit of throwing people under the bus rather than admitting HE isn’t getting it done. And perhaps it will dawn on these same people that the Rams overall roster is PASSING its Super Bowl run window; not coming into it.


I really do believe a top tier O line is paramount to success based upon history. Can’t wait to see how this all plays out.


Florio is a moron when it comes to NFC north teams other than his beloved Viqueens. Trust me. He purposefully throws shade towards them every chance he gets.

Goff has more value than Wentz, if you base it off of performance. Wentz was a disaster last year.

Florio refuses to acknowledge the Wentz deal even happened, when determining Goff’s ‘real’ value.

Florio has an issue with Goff and Detroit, and he should probably seek help. He may end having a coronary.

Not mentioning a single name, or targeting a specific post…

I don’t think any of this is as cut and dry as many are projecting here. I feel like it could be win/win for both. Nobody has to win. Goff and Matt could both play out of their minds and still lose…or win…and it wouldn’t mean one team or the other “won/lost”. Both teams did what they felt was best for them.

To feel Goff had no trade value, and that the Lions were compensated to take the contract is really funny to me. I mean literally, not in a condescending way…it’s truly a comical idea that makes me chuckle (no offense to anyone).


I think won/loss is the equivalent of draft grades the day after. It’s lowest common denominator type media fodder. It’s clear Goff and McVay needed a divorce. It’s not like if Goff plays well in Detroit that it shows the Rams should have kept him. That relationship was clearly fractured and time to move on. With Stafford - he literally did not want to play in Detroit any longer. Which I respect. If he balls out in LA it doesn’t “prove” the lions should have forced him to play in Detroit against his will. Both teams, and players, needed this.