"The Trade" mapped out

I know we already have this pretty figured out but here’s a nice graphic version for everyone.


Great graphic. Maybe to LA it should say LA receives Stafford plus one SB ring


That’s a nice graphic, very inaccurate and highly misleading, but a nice graphic.


More like …

LA receives …

Super Bowl Football GIF by Storyful

Detroit receives …

I Hope Please GIF


Detroit loses it’s best QB ever as a result of a tragic final burndown of the organization from the very top down to position coaches and in-between after 63 years of Russian Ministry of Defense level of competency

Detroit receives the FB/Twitter/Insta stock response from the NFL, the Media and its fans, but instead of hugs and prayers, it’s shrugs and players.

We will see if the Refs threw in a Get Out Of Our Doghouse Free card…


Yeah everyone of these graphics have been terribly wrong. This one is closer. They didnt include the other pics that went to minnesota last year (34 was traded to the packers who took christian watson and the 3rd rounder that minnesota took a LB with)

Also the put Martin on there when only the lowest of 3 picks traded for him was from the stafford trade

wishful thinking. The Jamo suspension was the tip of the spear. The reffing this year is going to be a fuckfest. Expect it. They may tolerate the Lions getting some attention but they can’t have us actually succeeding


What the Rams received is irrelevant. Congrats on their Superbowl and all that and they got what they wanted out of the trade but it means jack squat to me as a “Detroit Lions” fan.

How this trade turns out for the Lions is HEAVILY dependent on Jameson Williams. Goff is solid, Gibbs and LaPorta should be good players and I have high hopes for Paschal but Williams is the guy that will make this whole thing worth it if he turns out. He’s THE game changer if he pans out.

Regardless, Brad did well considering the shit hand he received not only with the trade request but Stafford basically picking his location and narrowing the choices. Part of me thinks that he lucked out because of his good relationship with the Rams but it’s a good haul regardless. Now lets go win some freaking games so we can stop basing everything on hopes and dreams.


I think this is very important to remember. Great point.

Stafford asked to be traded. He wanted out. Considering that, it is a very good haul in my book (however you compute it).


It’s all in the bottom left corner of the graphic in small-ish font.


Damn i need glasses…

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I thought that stuff was good for glaucoma!

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Note- I know glaucome doesnt directly affect visual acuity (though it does affect peripheral vision, and it was in the bottom corner)…and I know there are now conflicting reports on marijuana’s efficacy w glaucoma…its a gag.

Also, I have glaucoma…of course not the normal kind but the kind where the back of your iris flakes off and blocks the flow of fluid out of your eye…clogs up the drain, literally. Literally there is a drrain screen that it clogs (anatomy is cool), and in addition to eye drops, you can have a laser treatment that vaporizes some of the drain screen filaments…

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Anyways, I see fine…and saw the corner disclaimers. Not that I probably need to encourage you partake in the stickiest of the icky…

Pretty amazing to see a pick go directly through 3 teams in the same division. Not sure I have ever seen that before.

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While this graphic (finally) has all the relevant info, I would have laid it out alot differently to show exactly what we gave up to acquire the players pictured.

Finally, a chart I get.

Stafford would not have helped the Lions in 21 or22. We are just now getting into a position of strength and ready to win but Stafford is not. Without the trade, the Lions would still be bottom tier.


Yeah the fine print is important here, it should be included in the graph, not like some rapid-fire “side effects may include” nonsense. But I’ll cut whoever created some slack out of gratitude.

Brad did quite well with the opportunity Stafford’s request presented. He’s actually built the Brand New Lions mostly through other draft picks and astute signings. But he deserves credit for embracing Goff without reservation and has been rewarded with what any fair observer would agree is a top 10 QB just reaching his prime. Kudos.

Now we’ll see if the rest of the return for Stafford puts them over the top to win the division and make some noise in the playoffs. I think we’ll witness that. And I’m looking to '24 to bring the Lions first ever SB appearance. The talent on this roster is both real and real young so we could be in for a helluva ride.

I think many forget, or at least, don’t take into consideration where Holmes, and Agnew for that matter, came from when looking at Goff. The two guys coming into run Detroit’s front office were in LA for Goff’s tenure there. They both knew the story behind the story of Goff and McVey.

I really believe in their eyes, yes, it was a gamble, but it wasn’t as big a gamble as the media portrayed it.


A couple of thoughts on the trade in general.
From the Rams perspective it was a GREAT trade. They got the win now QB they craved. It seems obvious that Stafford and his gun slinger mentality fits that offense a bit better than Goff. Goff is clearly more of a game manager and a play action guy. 2 QBs that are lightly different.
As a Lions fan this trade seems to get better and better with time. No one will ever be able to say the Lions got the better of the deal because the trade led to the Rams winning the SB. But just looking at the bodies involved and the projection of the players the Lions received it seems obvious that the Lions got the better end of it.

But I am also not one who believes you need a certain type of QB to win the SB. To clarify I just do not believe the narrative that is popular that if you do not have a QB off some special list that you can not win the SB. Again it becomes the chicken or the egg narrative. You need a offense that clicks and can be effective. When you have that you typically have a QB that grades out in the top 10 for sure if not top 5 in the league. Interesting enough no one ever grades Stafford out in the top 5. He is typically graded out in the top 10 of the league and that is often boarder line top 10.
Anyway, this trade was one of the true win - win because of the SB victory by the Rams. Otherwise this was an absolute fleecing by the Lions. And that is solely because of the drafting of Holmes.


Yes for sure. I’d go so far as to say they were fully confident in Goff being able to at least hold the fort and potentially blossom here. They have certainly put him in a position to succeed.

This trade was really win-win… the only loser I see may be the Vikings. Kerby will be much better than Cine, who struggled early for them. And that LB isn’t anything to be scared of. Kwesi might be in over his head. I’m sure glad we’ve got Holmes in contrast to him…