The Vikings are winning this division

I love it, though I haven’t kept track.
My only Viking thought is that I hope they keep Kwesi for a decade or 2


If the Bears decide to cut bait with Fields next offseason do you guys think Minny will be a possible destination?

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Hell yeah. Damn near impossible.



see…the young pitcher made a mistake. Just drill hobbs then you get to someone who doesn’t have that power.


We are gonna put a whooopin on the vikings 3 times in a 4 week period.

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Here is to hoping we win 3 of the next 4 to make 11 wins

They lose 2 of the next 3 to go to 7 loses

We get the division wrapped up before we even play Minnesota


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Dobbs is nowhere near the talent that Fields is. Not even close. And he’s not as accurate of a passer as Fields is when allowed to set his feet etc. I watched his Volunteer teams quite a bit. Fun player but he’s all over the place from a consistency standpoint. Stinkers are 100% incoming.

Minnesota’s coaching staff is what impresses me.


Vikings D is the only reason their still alive. And its not that great anyway. I actually don’t like Minnesota’s coaching staff, because of their run game.

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Flores is coaching his Azz off

I guess he’s doing good. Minny is bad socially by culture. They are seriously retarded there.

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No way is a backup qb with zero body hair winning this div

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They will not have an answer for Coach Campbell.

I can see them beating us once every few years or so.

We will own this division for the foreseeable future.

This thread cracks me up

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How do you feel now? Just curious. They showed their ass again. Week 18 will be for the sivision and no I am Not expecting a Lions win.

Vikings are better than the bears and packers and we looked like an expansion team for the most part. We’re just lucky the bears coaching staff absolutely stepped on their dick. Unless the lions doSOMETHING the vikes will sweep us.

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I think the Bears beat the Vikings lol


If week 18 is for the sivision it will be a major let down from here on out.

And if it comes to that and they lose they didn’t deserve the sivision. That’s how it works.

I think this team will get its feet under it

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Love was throwing really well. Those refs did NOT like us. Vikings probably split.

Lazy hot take imo. The lions are not superbowl contenders, but they are still very likely going to win the division

Dobbs magic already fading and I expect a couple more losses along the way for them… 10-11 wins probably takes the division