The vizqueens draft has been way overrated

Im NOT saying the vikings had a bad draft. Im saying there draft was just solid. I see no studs with the exception of jefferson. Gladney is not a number 1 cb by far . its funny he projected at best a late first but in most a middle to late second. Then he gets drafted at 25 and everybody saying what a great pick it is .Cb class had 2studs okudah and cb from florida. The t clevland was the pick people should be talking about . its a position of great need great value in the second and he versatile. Danzler the cb in the third is a horrable pick. Got burned on a regular basis in collage and is slow. The forth rd de is a two down player that’s very good run stoper but is no everson griffen.the rest of the draft is ok nothing there that says these players are going to take minny to the next level no less then replace the players they lost.

Over raided for sure … drafting has become a lost ark.


So over raided, they’re erecting a temple of doom


We’re getting a lot of ants this spring
We’re trying to over-Raid them


Guys, come on… he spelled Vikings wrong too.

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I think he was going for jizqueens

There’s a treatment for being over raided:


I don’t know if I’d take the Vizqueens draft WAY over the Raiders. Maybe just a little over Raiders.

That sounds like poorly thought out improvisation to not being able to score some whippets.

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Just when you thought you’ve seen it all: Here comes over-raided!!!

For all intensive porpoises, I agree.


Guys from chigago (sic) or somethin (sic) :wink:

I coulda swore espnbaby started this thread.


Here is their draft:
Rd. WR Justin Jefferson…
CB Jeff Gladney
Rd. 2 OT Ezra Cleveland
Rd. 3 CB Cameron Dantzler
4 DE D.J. Wonnum
4 DT James Lynch
4 LBer Troy Dye
5 CB Harrison Hand
5 WR K.J. Osborn
6 OT Blake Brandel
6 S Josh Metellus
7 DE Kenny Willekes
7 QB Nate Stanley
7 S Brian Cole II
7 G Kyle Hinton

That is a ton of picks. I really like the DE Willekes pick. He had no business being there in rd. 7. I like the Cleveland pick but that is a maintenance pick. The kind you have to make on occasion.

I like the rd. 3 CB but after the run on CBs it is hard to think that Cameron was value there? They drafted 3 CBs…are they keeping 3 rookie CBs on their roster? There are injury red flags concerning Gladney too going back to HS.

I like their WR in rd. 1. Past that they had to be pissed at how the board fell. They traded back and passed on LBer Jordyn Brooks and Patrick Queen. Another CB went off the board just before their pick. With a great RB on the roster already and a WR already taken in rd. 1 they didn’t have a lot of options.

Nope, I don’t think that is a great draft despite all those picks. And I am totally cool with that.

It’s a mute point


Have i just wrote my self off this team. … Its been a long week fella’s

On the contrary: you just wrote yourself into the Malaprop Hall of Fame. Congratulations!!

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Wait a minute, didn’t realize Wilikes didn’t go until the seventh?!?

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They had so many picks for a playoff team that there is no way they all make the squad.
Kinda like wasted draft picks.

The Vikes have proving in the past they know how to draft and it’s no different this year. Majority of the time they draft players with raw talent then development through coaching. Curious, how could you say they didn’t draft studs? Have you seen the players play in an actual NFL game? It wouldn’t shock me after several seasons their draft could be better than ours. Who did Okudah play in college? The big ten WRs was garbage!!! I think Okudah will be decent but he’ll never live up to the expectations of being drafted 3rd overall. If you’re expecting this guy to produce a deion sanders type of performance you will be in for a surprise. I think he will struggle big-time but hopefully he learns and be better year 2.

Look, I love the Lions but this paper championship stuff has to stop! Produce wins on the field. We should have nothing to say about the Bears, Vikes or Pack because we haven’t beaten them for years. Will have we won a division title?