The WR Market and Sun God's Extension Hurdles

It seems like a no-brainer to extend the Sun God this offseason, but it may not be so simple.

Brad, Sun God, and his agent may not agree or even be close on the flux in the WR market. Rookies are producing and so much cheaper than established FA WRs. Mina Kimes and Robert Mays break it down and note that Sun God’s value to the Lions is more than to other teams.

Beyond the nuts and bolts of those issues, Brad and Friends seem adept at identifying talent that is good at getting open quickly and giving Goff easy targets. Can they replicate that again easily, predictably?

I don’t want to see a near future without the Sun God in Honolulu Blue, but this serious video explores how a no-brainer agreement could go awry.

They’ll get a deal done. I’m not too worried.


I am inclined to agree. Production? Absolutely. But St is about culture, hard work, maximizing talent, and encouraging others to do the same.

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So why exactly is he a 1B WR. I don’t get it. Is it just a preconceived notion of WR1 aesthetics.


That list doesn’t seem WR1B like


I’m optimistic too for many reasons, but now I can see where a sliver of division could grow. Goff is the perfect QB for St. Brown. He’s accurate and doesn’t lead him into huge hits very often. St Brown could do a lot worse.

Btw … Moss at 226/265 given his route tree at age 21, 22 and 23 is one of the most cartoonish pro sports stats you’ll ever see. It absolutely looks like it should be make believe.


Jerry Rice is still on that list… holy shit he’s gotta be 60 years old…still racking up yards :laughing: I bet he’d still be good for a couple catches

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I would say it’s about as equivalent as what you would consider historic Michael Thomas to be. Not a bad comparison.

But back before he went crazy no body was saying the Slant King was a 1B WR.

Let me put it this way.

3rd and 8. Season on the line. You absolutely have to have it. How many WRs would you rather throw to than St?

For me it would be a rather short list.


Good chart an one of the seasons was a 3 win season Hardly great for stats.

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Robert Mays is wrong. Calvin was making 14% of the cap when he signed his extension. Not sure exactly what Larry Fitzgerald’s was, but he was making the same amount when he signed his 2nd extension, but his contract was for more than Calvin’s.

I’m guessing the biggest problem in the contract is the number of years, Lions want more, ARSB wants less.

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Justin Jefferson, holy crap. He is outpacing everyone by a long shot. Ridiculous.


Right. But look at Moss’s efficiency.

54% more yardage per target than Justin Jefferson. Fifty-four freaking percent. Absolutely bat sh!5 crazy. Like Balco Bonds type of stuff.


Yeah, a 2 year extension would give him the security now while allowing him to drive a harder bargain in 3 years.

The chart is off. Actual targets for Moss were 390 per Pro Footfall Reference.

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Most of the time players want 3yrs, the team wants 5yrs or more. I’d hope they’d settle on 4yrs, but I’m guessing the Lions will cave and go 3yrs.


Ah. That makes more sense. Stupid statsmuse.

Goff, St. Brown and Decker extension musings by Risdon/DLP.

Goff and St Brown Extensions are FOR SURE coming before the start of the season.

Decker and McNeil i think they may wait to see how the season goes. Especially if they draft a OT early. And if Mcneil can keep up his efficiency and stay healthy

Everyone else has to earn it this season.