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Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff ranked in the bottom 5 - Pride Of Detroit

That’s too harsh. I’d agree with bottom 10. But I’m also coming around in giving him another shot with a more formidable group. The big thing is that he needs to pass the eye test.

2022 will dictate Goff’s remaining career. Either he’ll emerge a starting caliber QB or a career backup.

For our sake, let’s hope it’s the former.


I’m not looking to get into another Goff debate. We’ve had plenty of those around here. But, the more so called “experts” keep shitting on Goff, the more I want to see him succeed. The guy gets no respect at all it seems for what he accomplished in LA.


I hope it puts a chip on the shoulder of the entire team. Not getting a prime time game, people saying you’re going to win three games, saying your QB is bottom five…

This is a super young team with a lot of talent. It’s not a typical new Lions regime that rolls with inherited vets and brings in retreads they coached before

This team feels like it really shed its skin and has the potential to really surprise some people


yeah too harsh and not really based in fact, they can’t give him a fair and honest rating just based off a half-built foundation, an unfinished WR group , all the injuries we had , a straw defense, and changing play-callers part way through the season…Judge him now in 2022 where his team is more complete, improved, and set to do something more. Jared has very little room for excuses THIS season…let us all see what happens come our regular season.

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Yeah, the debate has been had — but I mean, we are entering the doldrums of the off-season, so when in Rome …

I’ll just say that Goff can make his storyline one of the best to ever happen in Detroit.


This is what I feel most ppl are missing. His stats WILL BE good…quite possibly great. The eye test is FAR more important than stats.


Yup - driven by Coach Dan, but yes. Lions will be an amazing sports story. Love watching it develop.

I rewatched the Vikings and Cards win highlights last night. Goff looked as good as Stafford ever did in those games. He was peppering accurate downfield passes with velocity and touch. If we can have more of that and less the Denver game we will be in a good place


let the stats echo his solid 2022 season…

It feels boom or bust. (At least in 2022. I have more hope for 2023)

From QB down to special teamers.

It’s typically coaching that will render it one way or another.

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It absolutely WILL.

They all shit on Stafford when he was a Lion.
Pssst! Don’t tell anyone, but, the national sports media hates Detroit. Always have.
They’re still trying to come up with ways to delegitimise Staffords Super Bowl win.

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I mean, pulling from their list, I think you can argue that Goff is as good or better than:

  1. Kirk Cousins , Minnesota Vikings
  2. Ryan Tannehill , Tennessee Titans
  3. Jalen Hurts , Philadelphia Eagles
  4. Mac Jones , New England Patriots
  5. Jameis Winston , New Orleans Saints
  6. Jimmy Garoppolo , San Francisco 49ers
  7. Baker Mayfield , Cleveland Browns
  8. Tua Tagovailoa , Miami Dolphins
  9. Trevor Lawrence , Jacksonville Jaguars
  10. Justin Fields , Chicago Bears
  11. Davis Mills , Houston Texans
  12. Zach Wilson , New York Jets
  13. Daniel Jones , New York Giants
  14. Carson Wentz , Washington Football Team
  15. Sam Darnold , Carolina Panthers
  16. Mitchell Trubisky , Pittsburgh Steelers
  17. Drew Lock , Seattle Seahawks

Who on that list is ‘absolutely’ better than Goff? Maybe you guys could point out some things I’m missing. But I see a whole lot of ‘maybe’ and ‘ifs’ on that list.

So, he could be 15, or he could be 29 (or 18, or 25) based on performance thus far. Thanks PFF, that really narrows it down. Ugh. Offseason “news.” Barf.


Very accurate statement.


Yup - agreed. Goff can do anything any of those dudes can do, and more.
I think Goff will rise a little higher too. His stats will put him in the top 10 pretty easily this year (statistically)

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again…
Stafford is what the 6-8th best QB looks like while playing for Detroit. I’ve ALWAYS seen him that way, even when we were losing.
Stafford is what the 6-8th best QB looks like while playing for the Rams.

As for Goff…
Goff is what the 12-14th ranked QB in the league looks like while playing for the rams…always has.
And now…
Goff is what the 12th-14th ranked QB looks like when playing for last year’s lions team.

They are who they are.
Eyeball test matters WAY more than stats.

Goff will improve some.
Lions will improve a ton.
Goff may slide up a spot or 2, in my eyes…
Lions will slide up a TON, which will make goff look WAY better.

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Odd that a bottom 5 QB can go on a 5 game stretch with 11 TD’s, only 2 int’s, and a 70% completion rate once he got some WR’s and his LT back.

Like I told one of the guys at work, if Stafford would have had those kind of stats here for the 1st five games of a season, he’d be in the talks for MVP.


I agree that 2023 is the year…but things have unfolded so nicely for us in 2022 in terms of the schedule. I wouldn’t be surprised if we are vastly improved in 2022, but our record does not reflect how good we are…i.e. an 8-8 which could have easily been an 11-6. 2022 could be for gaining confidence , learning how to “win” and working out the kinks. And I suspect Goff will be good, OK, but not great, which leaves us in a position where we might as well give him one more year in 2023 (sigh!).

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He never was a bottom 5 QB.
Just like he’s not going to be a top 7 QB next season, even though stats say he is.

Eyeball test says he’s in the 12-15 range. He was there last year. He will be there this year…though it looks very different.

I find it comical that the stat guys are trying to use their stats to prove points, while illegitimizing other stats. Funny stuff.

Try this one on, men…
If stats prove goff was a superhero on the rams SB team…
Stats also prove he was a total fucking loser last year…

I guess in our own world, we can “have it both ways,” just not if we want to make sense. :wink:

Nice way of saying it…Totally agree.

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