They are still here

What in the world is wrong with the Ford’s? Maybe they want a top 3 pick again, and then fire both at the end of the year. But 9-7 and a few playoffs weren’t good enough, but this is?

Also been checking in all day waiting to see them fired. Disappointed it hasn’t happened yet

These guys aren’t getting fired. They are only 1 game out of the playoffs. That is competitive to Sheila.
You guys will be doing the same thing at the start of 2021. They have this year and two more years on their contract. Sheila isn’t going to eat the $27-28 million they still owe these clowns.

Who’s the hot CB next draft?


It’s sad because Patricia is begging to be fired ( videos). The guy looks beaten…no answers.

I still believe he lost the team when he told Slay to stop sucking another man’s crank. No way a coach can recover in a locker from from that. That’s something a coach with any kind of dignity would never do. Players may compete against one another but they’ll stick up for one another over the stunt Patricia pulled. He deserves all the failure he’s getting

Nah you dummy, it’ll be a TE. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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