They got away with one

That’s what Romo said after the “INT”. This league. F off.


That was a bunch of BS. Typical though…


They just got away with a couple more but the Lions played through them.


He even mentioned the first hold on Detroit on this drive wasn’t holding.

Yet the officiating has missed every hold against Hutch.

If you’re going to come in here and talk about how we can’t blame officiating, save it. It’s been really bad


It’s been ridiculous to say the least.

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Lions fans are the only ones who say “you have to play through bad officiating.” Because the Lions are the only team that consistently have to play through poor officiating.


OMG. That was a TD. WTF?

Ok it might have been a bit short but not at the 1.


And the networks will be silent on the poor officiating because it benefits one of the golden teams. If these calls happened against the Bucs and Brady, this would be front page news.

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6 points and 4 turnovers. The Lions lost this bitch not the refs!


And thanks to the refs two of those non-turnovers became turnovers. One of those cost the Lions a likely 7 points. Lions offense was bad, but don’t dismiss the officiating as having an effect on this game.

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So the NFL doesn’t review turnovers when it’s the Lions turning it over? Umkay.

Someone in the NFL offices should have their ass kicked for that bullshit. Instead they will probably get a pat on the back, since Dallas is a darling team.

Great time to stop watching the NFL.


Stop blaming the refs it just sounds silly. This team hasn’t scored a TD in 2 games and fumbled the game away.

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There is zero way I can agree with you about this specific instance at all. No review? None. Not even a looksie? Yes, the Lions suck. We all know and agree. Yes they would’ve blown it regardless. Then why do these calls have to be made?
Why not a look?

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Yes, Green Bay and Dallas never seem to get called for holding on crucial 3rd down plays unless it’s a WWE take down. That was not a hold Decker…brutal call. Next hold was but the damage has been done.

I just think it was appropriate that the Dallas coach on the way to shake hands with Campbell first shook hands with the Ref.
Had to laugh at that.


Stafford called it in the playoff game, “Ah, home cookin, I get it”.
Nothing changes but the date, coaches and players.
The NFL wouldn’t let us win if we could, and we will never know if we could.


Agree. Detroit means nothing to the NFL, so it’s easy to jack us over … they were probably giving each other high fives when they didn’t bother to review the non-interception turnover.

I’ve never seen as many phantom holding penalties either. WTF? Other teams can drag our DE’s to the ground, and no flag. Yet we get phantom holding call on our OT’s? Bullshit.

Same shit different year.


They gotta have somebody for the “stars” to beat up on.

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