They have to pick up a WR off the cut pile right?

There will be alot of WRs cut in the next couple weeks that are better than the bottom half of our WR corp.If not would they be willing to trade a future 2nd or 3rd for a

Baltimore Arizona and LA are places to look.

I’d prefer they keep Cephus


Yeah, I think they are going to have to.

  1. Tyrell Williams
  2. Kalif Raymond
  3. Amon-Ra St. Brown
  4. Quintez Cephus

Right now, Perriman, Allison, Surratt and Kennedy are fighting for that 5th slot. Surely there will be cuts that will have a higher upside than any of those guys though. Perriman basically played himself out of a job. Surratt and Kennedy have little to no experience and neither is anything beyond just a guy imo. Allison might be the guy that sticks since he has some size and experience in this league.

I have to believe they will be looking for someone that gets cut though to try to round this group out.

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Dave Birkett


Dan Campbell said 80% of roster is set but still a lot in play. Specifically mentions WR position: “I think the receiver position … is very much in play right now.”

We need a vet wr

We’ve been hearing the words trust and reliable from DC and the coordinators…

I don’t seem the impulsively jumping into unknowns over who they seen inTC ….

Maybe as time goes we should be bringing them in for a look see but as of today, if trusting a player to do thier job right on the field is a top priority, we will see our troops over newbies imho


Perriman when healthy is more of a threat than anyone that’s getting waved.


Could be.

If he’s been limited by his hip issue, then yeah…they should probably keep him. If he’s just not running consistent routes, he’s dropping balls, etc, and he’s 99% healthy…then they strongly need to consider someone to take that 5th spot.

Fingers crossed Perriman can just pan out and get healthy since he’s here already and has spent the offseason with the team.


His drop issues are largely a thing of the past


My view is they have a big board of every player in the NFL (similar to a draft board) that ranks players based on metrics like PFF, draft round, prior scouting and more.

If they see a guy gets cut that they have significantly higher rated than those on the squad, they will look to see why the guy was cut.

Injury? How long? History?
Attitude? Lazy?
Not improving? How do they view the coaching staff of that player? Are they a gem with a turd coach?
Too much depth ahead of him?

If they think the guy has a chance to be significantly better with Detroit, they’ll bring him in and see if the fit is there. It’s a lot of work to bring in a guy and attempt to get him up to speed so they want to ensure that player at least has the potential to be an upgrade.

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You have been a fan of him since day 1. Personally, I’m not as big a fan. He’s the kind of guy that probably belongs as a depth WR on a bad team - which fits where he is - but not much more. He’s not going to make a huge difference on the 2021 Detroit Lions one way or the other so I don’t think he’s all that safe when it comes time to do cuts.

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Dudley Moore, when sober, was a pretty good actor…


I’m not a fan in an absolute sense. I’m just a fan in the sense that him replicating his performance in his last sixteen games isn’t that crazy of a scenario if he’s healthy. He’ll have better QB play and a better OL in all likelihood. I just think our best chance of having a passable WR core lies with TW, BP and AST. Perhaps Raymond as well but I’ll have to see it with him.

Maybe Perriman needs Arthur-scopic surgery. I believe you use Gin as the scalpel.


I would love for GT to come back for a cup of coffee and then join the coaching staff

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Yes! Player coach transition to coach/coach assistant/PR guy, whatevs. Love how he shows up as a player. Love it when offensive players get offensive.

Yep. Made a post about it two weeks ago. Get it done, Brad.

who is GT?


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