"They Knew"

In the game thread we were mentioning how lighthearted, to the point of smiling and yucking it up, the Vikings offense was on the sidelines, even while down 10.

There was no worry.
There was no concern.
There was no fear whatsoever.
As @GreggyJ said, “they knew”.

They knew the Lions D was toothless and that they were going to have their way with them. They seen the confusion that had set in on the backend and even with Cook banged up, they knew the Detroit defense wasn’t going to stop them.

I don’t know where everyone wants to lay the blame for yesterday’s loss, but the reality is our defense is atrocious. It has its moments, but it’s literally LOL bad to the opponent.


We also knew too.


Defense is the primary headwind this season. Well that and officiating. But ifvwe have solved our offensive woes that is a step forward.


The defense has been better than last year but still nowhere near good enough to be a playoff team. Frequent major miscommunications (a staple of Glenn’s defense so far), blown coverages, bad tackling, etc. Losing one guy (Cominsky) made the entire DL disappear. Losing Walker in the secondary is going to make things worse.

Okudah has been a bright spot, though.


Officiating last night gave me flashbacks to the old days It honestly it could have been worse. Even on the game winning TD AO was illegally contacting thielen.

Although thielen should have gotten a 15yd flag for removing his helmet on the failed 4th down.


It’s calls like Thielen ripping his helmet off that most get me. Call it or don’t have it in the rule book. Honestly that type lf thing should be reviewable simply bc there is no gray area. You either clearly did it or you clearly did not.


Defense still needs it’s flame thrower. Hopefully Hutch can grow into it soon. Potential is there for sure.

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True but some of the calls were horrible. On some of those runs there was nobody even there on the defense.

I think rodrigo got washed out of a a lot of plays today which made the running game look so bad.

Hutch was getting doubled and tripled and held a lot.


Brother Hutch needs help…he will get it next offseason, I’m guessing. This staff values the tranches. Be ready for a big, ugly DT do roll into Motown.

Yes we did.

With just over 2 minutes remaining:


There were ppl saying the same thing vs the foreskins.
They knew then too…except they didn’t


Yeah but at least they didn’t try eat clock with 7 minutes left

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This was exactly why I posted it the way I did lol.

During the Washington game I was sure of my pessimism in the 3rd quarter but the Lions proved me wrong.

I took the soft approach yesterday and learned I was right this time.

We have that other thread about “has our culture changed”. Mine definitely hasn’t. I still am expecting the worst all of the time. I can’t wait for that to not be the case. (Assuming it ever will be)

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#32. No doubt, they’d be #40 if there were 40 teams.
Now Walker.
Between the Paper Lions and Glass Lions, we’re sitting right where we’re always sitting.

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I’m hoping Paschal can make a difference. The DTs really suck IMO. Jordan Davis would have made a huge difference, Jamo better be good.


I appreciate you, bro

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Likewise mang.

I just friggin love the Lions and want them to win so badly.

I really like this group of players and want to see them succeed. I really like this coaching staff (perhaps outside of MCDC’s in-game decision making at the moment).

Damn man…I just want nothing more than the football gods to reward this fanbase and the team.

The season is far from over, but getting a W yesterday certainly would have gone a long way. They are going to need to string together a few wins going into the bye, try to get healthy and string together a few more coming out of it. LFG!


The officiating was atrocious and helped them unfairly on both their last TD drives while allowing them to PI with our receivers with impunity

I seriously think it was the refs wanting it to help the Vikings at that point in the game

But they also gave us a couple calls on our last drive. And the fact Thielen threw a hissy fit for a correct call when they were getting calls all game…He can go fuck himself

All that aside, the game was on the Lions for not getting that last first down and on Campbell for shitting the bed

Still. The sky hasn’t fallen. This team is who we knew they were. A gritty team with injuries, a big talent deficit in year two of a full rebuild


Cominsky was a big loss. His absence was noticeable.