Thibodeaux interview

Not sure what this is all about?? Dude disses Alabama education, stating he would win championships there but thats not what its all about. Then says he could work for Nike with a phone call…

No idea what to think about this kid? Has all the physical traits you could ask for however, we all know if the heart and desire aint there for the game of Football its all for naught. Dude even mentiond football is an american sport not played elsewhere…concerning comments. Man I hope Hutch falls to us or im trading down for hamilton and hopefully back up for Lloyd. Those 2 would be way more beneficial to our D

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Well he’s an odd duck


He reminds me of Ndamakong Suh–great football player but also interested in things outside of football.


He’s not wrong…. I like it

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Basically he is just saying he cares about his education and winning National championships wasn’t his priority when picking his school. He is more worried about life after football. Sounds like a smart guy.


Wow, pass on KT.
Listen to him speak, it’s all about him. It’s I this and I that. MCDC/Holmes are building a team, KT is looking out for KT. He had a choice on picking his college, what’s he going to do when he’s on a rebuild? Will he really work to build the team? I see KT putting enough work in to become a FA and picking a team he thinks will be lucky enough to be a team HE chooses to bless them with his presence.
If he’s #2, Hard pass, PLZ trade down!

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That’s why he wears #5


Lols that’s what you got out of that. Alittle hyperbole here.

Again: this was Ndamukong Suh coming out of college. He turned out pretty well and hardly misses any time at all.

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Let’s save this one for a couple of years. If he’s Suh part II, grab him!
I’m a hard pass! I’m on record saying he is a bust by year 3.

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Suh is a physical freak of nature. He simply doesn’t get hurt. I have a feeling Tibby-dough won’t be as lucky

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I’m just speaking about his attitude and attention to things outside of football.

Wonderlic score. “stigmatism of football players being being dumb jocks”

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Dude is smart (or at least motivated outside of football). Let’s maybe not hold it against him.


The red flags are enormous. Charles Rogers level red flags. Matt Millen would for sure draft him.

Says he doesn’t care about football, plays like he doesn’t care about football, you have to like the honesty. The vocabulary could use some work.


Maybe he has spontaneous bloody holes on his hands and feet on occasion.

Next years week one injury status:

  1. Okudah - Out, hamstring
  2. Brockers - Out, shoulder
  3. Thibodeaux - Out, stigmata

Smart yes…his payday however is this April and as a team scouting i want a damn warrior on the field. not someone thinking 5 yrs diwn the road. Props to him i totally get it and appreciate his comments but in all reality it didnt matter if he graduated from Oregon, Alabama, or fkn harvard the kid is set for life based off his god given talent in the football field. that is how he will be getting paid. now and 20 yrs doen the road. his degree is horseshit unless fkn NASA wanted him which he is not that pedigree of smart

Just a reminder that Myles Garret would’ve preferred to be a Paleontologist if it paid the same.


exactly!!! good call

Fingers crossed, if he’s ours though. I prefer Hutch by a lot