Things I see…

Here is my list of not SOL:

  1. we can run the ball consistently and pick up most short yardage - even at the goal line

  2. our WRs have skill AND are schemed to get decent separation

  3. our Oline can finally provide a sustained pocket allowing Goff to scan the field

  4. late round draft picks are contributing and even excelling in several cases

  5. next man up is usually not disastrous

  6. buy in from the players toward the organization seems to be at an all time high

  7. assets (Stafford and Hock) without long term team value are traded away for beans rather than resigned and overpaid

  8. our GM is the fleecer and not the fleecee during the draft

  9. great camaraderie between players from offense and defense

10). We legitimately believe we can compete with anyone

  1. penalties are way down. We are not beating ourselves usually

12). We are starting to win the TO battle more often than not

It just feels completely different this time. We hit rock bottom and now seem to be on a steady ascent. We still need talent but if we can add 4 - 5 studs during the off season and fortify our depth 2023 could be special. Not giving up on this year yet though.

What differences have you guys noticed?


You’re not kidding. To put that in perspective, during the Caldwell years

2014: 396 1,422 3.6
2015: 354 1,338 3.8
2016: 350 1,310 3.7
2017: 363 1,221 3.4

This season, after just 12 games, the Lions have, as a team:

2022: 341 1,524 4.5


In the 5 games since he was traded, Hockenson’s stats:

30 catches 225 yards 7.5 ypr 1 TD

When Hock left, he was averaging 15.2 ypr.

Now? Regression to the mean: back down to 11.1 ypr (close to his career average of 10.6).

Holmes sold high.


Offensive line spotlight: Penei Sewell continued his rock-solid play against one of the most talented edge rushers in the league in Josh Allen. He didn’t allow a single pressure on 43 pass-blocking snaps in the game. Surprisingly, it was the first outing all season that Sewell didn’t allow a pressure, but he’s had seven games during which he’s allowed only one.


And Cooks YPC has dropped dramatically. But they still managed to win all their games but 1 since the trade (be both are 4-1 post trade).

Our running game is cooking along fine. Our TD’s are catching more TD’s. Their running game has suffered.

If I was Minny’s owner I’d tell my GM to block Holmes’ number and never do a trade with him again.

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Wait until they have to pay Hock big money. That will tell you a lot about Minny’s GM. Will he drop his mistakes or double down? Hock is an OK TE, but he’s not much of a consistent game changer. Game changers should get paid. Maybe Hock turns it around, who knows? Certainly as a Lions fan I have a rooting interest against the player, but not against the person.

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HOF floor for this dude.

Yes, but our players are more handsome and they have stupid uniforms as well.

He can do whatever he wants, he can’t contend with Brad’n’Dan

Also, can’t wait to do more trades with him.

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It’s the culture. I know you still need skilled players and all, but man I can’t remember the last time the post game locker room looked like it does now. Granted back in the 80’s/90’s we didn’t have all the youtube video access, but all the players actually look like they enjoy being here and love the coaches. Now add the DC mentality he has brought in and the players are adopting that attitude, both offense and defense. This all contributes to your #1,5,6,9,10 directly.


So what were the rushing yards in the seasons immediately after Caldwell??

‘Leadership’, top down! Then throughout the clubhouse. I was surprised to see Buggs lead the pregame defensive cheer.

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No more noticeable thing than penalties are way down.


This has been huge. Even the call on Jonah Jackson was pretty weak. Even the announcing crew were perplexed.

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And yes J-Will is having a very good season, but the main reason we are running the ball so well is the O-line has been terrific run blocking.

Every RB we put in has found success. Reynolds did, Jackson has run well. Swift and J-Will. Huge props to Ragnow, Sewell and Decker!


This is the best thing said about any of our players ever.

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And true!

It’s how they build the buy-in. EVERY man out here is important and part of the mission. Backups be ready, cuz we can’t win without “next man up!”
Even in practice, they need each other to build intensity in each other and get good looks. Imagine if the scout team was just a bunch of slugs…

This thing they are building is beautiful.


That early play where Goff tried a quick swing out to Swift and Allen batted it down. Sewell failed to execute a cut block allowing Allen to shoot into the backfield and make that play. Still, I agree that Sewell was awesome yesterday and Allen barely made an impact after that.

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How cool is it to be sincere when saying that about a 5-7 team the second week of December?
It’s kind of freaking me out.
The words are there, but, have we truly realized that we can compete with any team in the league and feel like we have a chance to win, at home or on the road?
I’m afraid the end of the world is at hand.:laughing:


It almost has to be.

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Alot less penalties

Less questionable calls by refs

Much more bye in by everyone

Less complaining about the playcalling (other than the 3rd and 1)