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Ex-GM: Lions will have the No. 1 pick in 2020 draft

Former NFL general manager Michael Lombardi discussed Matthew Stafford’s health on the latest edition of his podcast, and proclaimed that based on the roster, the Lions are a lock to be drafting No. 1 overall in the 2020 NFL Draft.


Aaron Rodgers can have a good season, and the Packers can be a team in transition. Both of these things can be true. With an almost identical weapon set to a year ago, the same matchup challenge still exist, with a lot of pressure on Matt LaFleur to create something we haven’t seen before (with Rodgers’ blessing). The Eagles, Vikings and Bears are all on the slate within the first three weeks, with a few similarly muddy stretches throughout.

LIONS: 4–12

Another major wildcard with a change at offensive coordinator. Still, this season will be a referendum on second-year head coach Matt Patricia and whether he can wrangle a team that looked stunningly flat-footed at times a year ago. Detroit will be strong through the middle, with one of the better tight end sets in the league and a solid offensive line, they may not have enough firepower to navigate what promises to be a brutal division.

I understand that some were doubtful about this team, but 4-12? Damn. We’re already half way there.


We need to be careful here!

We could still somehow end up at 2-13-1!!

Probability is low but still… last time we went 6-2?

3 weeks in and we’re undefeated. Well on our way to the #1 pick :crazy_face:


However, it’s worth nothing that what began the 6-3 Lions slide in 2013 was a horrible loss to 2-8 Tampa Bay at home. Kris Durham inexplicably loses a fumble after a 19 yard gain, the Lions have a blocked punt deep in their own territory, and 4 INTs (including one where the Lions had the ball at the Tampa Bay 28 on 3rd and 12 with 1:00 minute left and the score 24-21 (a make-able 45 yards or less FG for Hanson), and Stafford threw a jump ball to Calvin, which was intercepted by Jonathan Banks). With Aaron Rodgers out several games, and the division there for the taking, the Lions were exposed as the frauds they turned out to be.

That game was pure comedy. That’s the one where Pettigrew ducked when Stafford threw him the ball, and it resulted in a pick 6. The Durham thing was made for NFL all time blooper reels. Then Stafford puts the ball right in Calvin’s hands, and turns and drops the ball right in the hands of a defender. Good googlie mooglie!

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I was at that game and I couldn’t believe what was happening. Durham…SMH.

There is a reason he is “former”.


Me too. That was funky. They punted from their end zone, but TB didn’t send anyone out to cover one gunner. Easy pitch and catch for 30 yards, maybe a score…and they just didn’t see it. The Durham thing was the most wtf thing I have ever seen in a live sporting event.

The Durham play starts at 2:51:

Still can’t figure out how it happened.