Think about this

We had a chance to draft Justin Herbert and botched it lol

Only stuff like this happens with this franchise


But he wasn’t capable of being good because there hadn’t ever been a good Oregon QB before!

Scout the player.

Not the helmet.


Green Bay had a chance to draft Barry, but took 'roid-boy.

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Didn’t want Herbert because of Harrington. Stupid thinking I admit.

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GB recovered…we haven’t lol


Pretty sure Dan fouts and norm van brocklin both made the hall of fame. Both Oregon quarterbacks.

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Fouts was my favorite QB growing up


You wanna know what the scariest miss was to me. The giants could have drafted Reggie white. Could you imagine being a quarterback facing a defense with Reggie white on one side and Lawrence Taylor on the other?

The giants drafted a hall of fame lineman so they didn’t exactly do poorly.


Not what I said. It’s what others said.

That said I thought Herbert was going to be a bust for his own reasons.

Funny thing about that draft? Out of the top 5 or 6 players drafted all were Hall of Famers except for Mandarich.


I love Herbert. I loved Tua. Hindsight is 20/20.

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Bro! What about Chuck Long? Bob Gagliano?


I want 2 WR’s, 2 DE’s, 2 OLB’s, 1 ILB, 3 CB’s, and 2 safeties first.

Starting caliber or star quality.

Then a QB.

We’ve seen what happens when you bring a good QB to a loser. They still lose. At this point I want them to try to build the roster 1st.

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Plus - we got the best of them. :wink:

IMO, Barry is in the running for best football player ever.
He is the best RB in a landslide, IMO.
I wold also have Lawrence Taylor in there. Holy shit he changed football games.
Maybe show some Deion Sanders in there, but he’d come after the other 2.

That’s sort of a fun convo.

QBs are more important. Brady might be the best football player - period


Have we though?

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So you’re the lone idiot who didn’t want to draft Herbert? Because, at least according to recent posts, everyone here wanted Herbert. You’re probably the one moron who didn’t have Aaron Donald #1 on his board, too.

Either this is the case or there’s some selective memory that infects the armchair GMs of this board. And the latter seems nearly impossible.


Lol! I will admit that I was not high on Herbert. I think I let the Ducks lack of success (other than his last season) affect my opinion on him. Valenti wasn’t high on him either and I really bought into that because I just didn’t watch enough Ducks football to really know whether he was a great prospect or not.

That’s a bit revisionist history man. I wanted lewan or Donald in that draft. There were a lot of people though, myself included, who had quest about Donald. He was good but a bit undersized and didn’t dominate like suh did. Looking back now it’s an easy call but at the time there were still concerns about how he’d hold up at that level.

We like drafting players that suck, and then get career ending injuries.
Makes that second contract easy to negotiate.

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