This draft would very happy

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I wouldn’t pass on pairing Gonzalez with Witherspoon for a redundant and IMO not very good DE in Myles Murphy.



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If that is the situation i either double up and take Gonzalez, take the rg, or take bijan over taking murphy but i am surprised to see him mocked at 18 after being consistently listed as an option at 6.



The Clemson board has been saying all along that their D-line players are overrated. They’re not impressed with Murphy at all. They didn’t think much of Bresee either although they feel he’s been through a lot. This is exactly what I mean when I say I get more valuable information from message boards of real fans than any of that trash from some soccer fan trying to objectify something that is inherently subjective.

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What is funny is that i got called dumb for saying it wouldnt be 100% stupid to double up on cb if the player grades dictated it. My only point was why bypass the better player at a premium position like cb simply because you drafted one at 6. Seems quite a few more people agree with that thought process at this stage. I am not even saying you 100% do it but you at least consider it in this situation.


I’d rather not double up, in the first round, on any position group. Would we seem like overkill to me.

But you can’t take that guard at 18 unless you believe he’s a perennial pro bowler— not sure he is.

Robinson — no idea what this guy is — I don’t dig into the draft because it seems pointless to me but that’s a pretty low draft position for a “generational” RB

SO, who the ■■■■ knows …

Absolutely, you need more than 2 good corners these days, you have nickel and dime packages. You have injuries. And a guy like Ringo could easily be converted to safety if need be.


I certainly wouldnt say it is ideal to double up on a position group but i would argue defensive back, offensive line, and defensive line are three groups where you could justify it as there are so many guys that play at the same time and the cost to get plus starters in free agency continues to grow.


Trade down with CAR and get two of Spoon, Gonzo and Branxh is my preferred day 1.


I doubt both is available if you move off of 6. I think at least one off the 2 will be taken before the 9th pick. You could trade down and get one or the other but the only way to get both would be to move up from 18. IMO

I would most-definitely be on board with 2 CB’s or 1 CB / Safety in round 1.


What scout opinions have you heard about Breese?

Wouldn’t be surprised if he were to drop.

It’s a red flag when they take you out of goal line and short yardage scenarios.

Biiiiiiig drop between carter and the rest of IDL. Media is trying to build it up and make it seem closer then it is.

That’s why I’m like go get Dexter in the 3rd and as @Thats2 has said he is coachable and works hard so he is talented and with this coaching staff he might excel and we could have a really really good DT in a year or two.


So, better fa options than draft options assuming Carter doesn’t drop, post June 1 cuts as well.

If he can figure out that first step…

I would be ecstatic to come out of round 1 with both Witherspoon and Gonzalez. I would pass on Dexter Not impressed with him.

Breese reminds me too much of that kid from Florida a few years back. Tavern I think. Great athlete but never had much production. Defensive tackles that don’t produce much in college scare me. They hardly ever produce at the nfl level.