This format is easy to get used to

What does everybody think?
Navigation nuances aside. It feels like home.


It is pretty easy to navigate so far.

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Feel like React to me. Didn’t know there was a ready forum system built on React.

Seems simple enough, I’ll let you know in a day or two :slight_smile:

This is only what, the 5th format we’ve had to learn over the years? We are all salty vets when it comes to jumping from platform to platform at this point.


Feels like the party is just starting and I arrived a bit early. I’m sure it will be kicking in no time.

Where’s the beer?

Looks great on mobile!

A background of Honolulu Blue would be nice.

The only thing Im not seeing is a quote function…but I’m a moron, so…

Likey the layout and ease of navigation, though I said that about my 1st wife too, so…

Easy and loads quickly, can reply quickly too.

Trying Quote.

Select Reply, Select icon on the furthest left on the menu bar at the top of the text box you’re replying in.

Thanks Nate! you are much appreciated!


Just got off my PC and jumped on my mobile.

Not bad.

I like that my screen isn’t jumping all over the place trying to get me to read some ad.


Seems like a nice board you have here. Might stick around and check it out.


Heh, didn’t have menu bar up…

Like I said, moron…but Im a cute, likeable moron, so I got that goin for me.


Nice job on this site. The format is familiar, clean & ad free …Kudos Nate

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Yea this is really nice and clean. Very nice!

Thanks Nate. Scout got real old real fast, but it was the only game in town with most of the old crew still participating. Loving the lack of pop ups. It’s easy to use and does have that feeling of being back “home”.


Cool. I think we probably see “quote” or “reply with quote” in most forum software. This one is “Reply” and then select quote in the text editor. Not bad, just different.

ETA: And I see that it’s easy enough to go back and edit.
And I see that I can delete my post.
And I can use italics or bold.


Show off!
And I see it must be at least a 20 character response.:sunglasses: