This game was vintage SOL


Stafford had a similar call go against him today. Looked like the receiver just ran the wrong route on miscommunication or something and it didn’t look like Staff was under pressure. He got flagged.

This game had a Jim Schwartz era feel to it.

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This I agree with

Too amped up?

I do NOT believe in Aaron Glenn as a coach, at all. Never have & probably never will

That being said in spite of him I think this team still makes the playoffs with 10 wins.

I actually feel good about this team even after going SOL in this game. Dan Campbell will get them right

Fixed it

Clearly SOL Lions fans. The overreaction and willingness to call the season over is a clear sign.


I don’t get it. If running is such a big part of our identity why didn’t we invest in lord insurance at the RB position.

Lets not forget if lions dont win the north, Seattle could be that team that takes that wild card spot cause of tie breaker. Its a bad loss no matter how you want to spin it.

If we can’t take the division this year we don’t deserve a playoff berth

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True, but im just saying.

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Especially because it was at home. Any loss at home to less than very top tier teams is a bad loss.

How do we beat KC in Arrowhead then lose to Seattle at home :person_facepalming:t2:

All that said…it’s only 2 games into the season. And still tied for the lead in NFCN. But it would have been nice to get a game up on Green Bay


My thing is how did we loose such a easy game, I read the predictions. Lost both there OT and our super roster. It was supposed to be a cake from what I read.

Post of the year.


The Lions played 2 playoff teams from last year. One is the Super Bowl Champs.
They are 1-1.
Lions played 2 sloppy games.
Got a W over KC some say we should not have won because KC’s dropped passes.
We lost to Seattle in overtime. But we gave up 14 points on back to back turnovers.
Went from a 21-17 lead to a 31-21 deficit.
1-1 is right where we belong. The results are backwards, but the record is correct.
Still tied for 1st in the division.
Super high last week, super low this week.
Lot of games yet to play. Same hill to climb.
I am not branding them SOL yet.

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SOL would be 0-2 right now not 1-1


Agreed….as disappointing of a loss as that was….I still believe that this is a better culture. The Lions are exactly where I thought they might be….in fact I feared 0-2 because I thought losing to KC was a given and I was worried about Seattle. Well my worries about Seattle were confirmed….but we will just let this thing play out

SOL is 0-2 and the tieing FG to force OT would have been missed and we lose in regulation

SOL has lost in similar fashion to yesterday