This game will tell you if Lions are for real

This is a game the Lions should win, if they even have average coaching IMO. The blueprint to win this game is clear as day and not only are the Eagles banged up… they have been downright terrible and have some major issues.

If this coaching staff has a clue they will pass, pass and pass some more. Get the ball into Staffords hands and let him torch this terrible Eagles secondary. The Lions should be looking to take deep shots and they have the personnel to abuse Philly through the air. Jim Schwartz run defense is very good and the Lions don’t have the personnel to be a dominant run team. Coaching staff needs to attack them early, often and aggressively. This is a game that the Lions should control.

On defense how committed is this team to winning? Carson Wentz is a china doll, is currently banged up, and runs around exposing himself to big shots. The Lions need to take some liberties if need be. I would look to put pressure on Wentz early and see how he responds. The Eagles o line has taken a step back.

Traditionally the Lions would lose this game to a banged up Philly team and it would be a huge rallying point for the Eagles. If they aren’t SOL they control this game and keep their foot on the gas from start to finish . I do not have unrealistic expectations. Looking around the league the Lions roster is in very good shape compared to most. I do not expect them to beat KC, but I expect them to take advantage Sunday and so should fans.

Can this coaching staff get out of their own way? We are going to find out.


While I agree in theory with what you are saying. I would also believe that the Eagles are aware that would be the area of attack and are working on schemes to help hide it. The question becomes who will win that battle.

On the other hand how great would it be if the Lions got their running game going Sunday. What if the Eagles overthink themselves and the pass schemes they come up with to cover for their problem area leaves them exposed to the run game.

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I agree we need to put the pressure on Wentz , but I haven’t seen anything to indicate we can.




Gym Shortz is going to scheme so hard you would think this was the SuperBowl. He knows Stafford like few do and will unfortunately get the upper hand, again. I want nothing more than to be wrong but I can’t be both. :slight_smile:

We are at the Eagles and that alone is challenging for the Lions. Our Run game is still stuck in neutral. We are 17th in rushing (good!) and yet have a 3,5 yard average (bad). It’s time to see what Bevell and this team are made of


You can go on to make a case of where to attack them, and that’s fine. But it’s hard to start from this premise. Your title is 100% spot on. This will tell you a lot about the team. If they go to Philly and beat this club, then they should be taken more seriously. (guarded fans like myself will begin to build a little hope)

A good coach can go to Philly and lose. Wherever you are on this regime, it doesn’t change the quality of the opponent. This isn’t like losing/tying in Arizona. There is credibility to be gained in this game, not so much lost.

Just my opinion.


Players still have to execute… you know, like making FG’s and not fumbling punts!! All the coaching and game planning will die in this scenario imho…

We can win - period.

I hope we start with keeping both TEs in as needed for protection and making running lanes… if we get up ten point or more then watch out!!

Matt already toss more deep balls this yr than any other QB… so attacking downfield to me is a given!

What I really want to see is we finally unload on our D line!! This is the game for it! I want 5 or more sacks and multiple deflection and heck three picks!! We limit the time their off is on the field and ours grinds out yards and points!

And, maybe, we are sound on STs!

I want a win without any major injuries baby!

That’s one of my bigger concerns about this club… we’re unable to get pressure with the front 4.


The beauty of the Lions offensive scheme is that if the Eagles devote to much attention on the back end, we have TEs and RBs (and Amendola) who can eat their lunch underneath. Their LBs have been poor in coverage.

I expect Schwartz to try to rattle Stafford with blitzes early and often. He’s seen it work on Stafford before, and while he’s improved the reason Stafford isn’t as good as Rodgers & Brady etc is that he hasn’t yet shown he will consistently make you pay for blitzing. On occasion, yes. But not like truly elite QBs do. The good news is the Lions have options and a QB and scheme that can attack all areas of the field.

If the Lions run D with base nickel is stout, this should be a winning formula. Eventually Wentz will be forcing balls to backup WRs and will get burned.

Oh, and as Wes points out, a run game would be a real nice plus. Kerryon has said he’s not been on top of his game, has missed holes and hasn’t taken advantage of some good blocks. The Eagle are tough to run on, but they’re short-handed at DT and if the Lions can get to something like 4 ypc all should be well.

Or, they are the SOL. It’s true that this is an important road test for this team. Turnovers, as per usual, will be a key. Let’s hope we get em and they don’t.

Schwartz hasn’t coached Stafford for 6 years, and Matt has been trough a lot of different coaching, scheme changes, game plans , and philosophies on top of a few different OC’s to boot…so I don’t get that Schwartz “knows” Stafford so well that he also knows what Matt will do in games here in 2019.

what bothers me more is the fact Schwartz has coached a heck of a lot longer than Patricia , so the edge in coaching experience leans heavy towards Jim.

that may be the deciding factor in this game.

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Iggy, if the Lions actually execute this strategy and win, you’re going to all of a sudden believe this team is for real? Which includes the head coach you continually hate on. Whatever.

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A pig wearing different color lipstick is still a pig.

But it’s a prettier pig!! :pig:

Dude, if they don’t execute this strategy and lose, are you going to all of a sudden NOT believe in this team?

You don’t even know what I think of this team. You can go back in your hole anytime.

(erased witty comeback for fear of violation of forum rules)


I’m not sure how Schwartz knows more than a defensive coach that watches hours of game film on Stafford knows.

He coached him. Has had conversations about what he’s comfortable doing and what he isn’t? He’s watched more tape of him than any other defensive coordinator as his head coach?

Yeah, it’s not like Schwartz spent much time with him during those foundational first 5 years. And Schwartz didn’t really pay attention while Linehan was working out how to create an offense that played to Stafford’s strengths and weaknesses…

And even if Schwartz knew Stafford’s game, he’s probably forgotten it’s been so long…


The flip side is the Stafford knows what Schwartz knows and can use it against him.

The new offense is difficult to diagnose. The Lions can bait Schwartz as much as the latter can exploit what he knows about Stafford’s game. Going to be an interesting chess match. Really looking forward to this one.