This is almost the exact opposite of Quinn drafts in regards to athleticism

While relative athletic score isn’t a perfect metric, there definitely is a higher correlation of success in regards to RAS.

Quinn was known for commonly drafting guys in the low- or mid-range of this metric (as you can see by using the link in the comments below that tweet). Holmes wants athletes. This should translate to better performance on the field.


I for one impressed with Holmes draft. He surely has made Quinn look like a amateur.


But Quinn studied and watched more film of Tabor than anyone in history…so there was that.


Niice find, man.

Fits right in


As does he

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Even if you use BPs pro day I get 4.47.

But Hock would’ve run faster if he didn’t suffer from jumping Tourette’s.

As much as we all disliked Quinn, he did an A+ job on drafting OL for this team.

There is no denying that!

Now his 2nd round picks and FA signings were awful for sure!


I think the grade is TBD at this point… which is partly due to the longevity that many linemen have in the NFL.

However… Quinn drafted 7 OL in 5 drafts… including 3 in his 1st draft.
He spent 2 first rounders… and 2 third rounders on OL.
They have 1 pro bowl appearance total.

If Jackson and Stenberg end up being a really good OG tandem for several years… I can give him a decent grade.

If not… Quinn would be lucky to get a “B” IMO.

I hate the idea that a guy has to be a pro bowler to be a good pick and to give the guy credit. Kind of silly, actually.

Or Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers to be a good QB.


If you look back at BQ’s drafts you have to give him credit for some of his picks. Decker was a solid pick, just like a 1st round OT should be. Glasgow in the 3rd was a hit as well but mismanaged and they chose to pay Vaitai instead. The following year he drafted KG in the 3rd. Nothing else of substance. Ragnow in the 1st was another pick on the oline that should be an above average player, he is. The rest of that draft may have a couple players but nothing that jumps out and screams insanely good value. TJ at his position and where he was drafted should be an elite TE. I think Swift is in the same boat. You draft a RB at the top of the 2nd and he should be an above average player at his position. Jonah Jackson could be Quinn’s biggest value pick during his entire tenure. IMO Holmes added more value to this roster with his day three picks than BQ ever did with his.

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fair point… the pro bowl selection process is certainly flawed.

I guess my point is that I wouldn’t give Quinn an “A+” when he has drafted 3 guys so far that would be considered solid starters or better over a period of time… out of 5 guys taken prior to 2020. And 2 of those 3 players were 1st round picks… so I think there is an expectation that a good GM should be able to hit on the 1st round pick a majority of the time.

I would give the Jackson and Sternberg picks an “incomplete” at this point… since it is too early to really know how good they might be.

I am not trying to say the picks weren’t “good picks”… but I also think part of the draft grade has to consider the amount invested in them. Since Quinn used 2 of his 5 first round picks (and 4 of 15 picks in top 3 rds)… I think it is fair to have high ecpectations if an “A” grade is being given.

When coaches are as bad as most of ours have been, I find it harder to evaluate a GM, from a perspective of evaluating talent.

…however…the GM hires the coach #Fail

Agreed. Both Decker and Glasgow earned whopper FA deals. Yes we gave out one of those contracts, but Decker earned it. Decker, Ragnow and Glasgow were all very good draft picks. Jackson was solid as a rookie, and I think he continues to start and play well. Crosby was his too and though he was only so-so as a starter, he didn’t totally crap the bed either. Which is exactly what you want in a 5th round depth pick. Basically he had his problems with FA Olineman. Paying huge bucks to Wagner, Lang and Vaitai. Lang did make a PB, but probably ROI wasn’t all that great overall. My hope is that he hit again on Stenberg and he can take over for Vaitai so we can cut bait with him and his contract next season.


Which is why we are giving BQ credit here, because he absolutely was not a “good GM.” He was a terrible GM that had a good eye for Oline draft prospects.


This really does say it all…


When your slow, non-explosive MLB has a better vertical than your 2nd Round CB… there’s a problem dude…


sweet freaking hayZeus

This goes back to the MMQB article today about Belichik being the smartest guy in the room, drafting random dudes, not having draft meetings… and maybe BQ and MP trying to get a leg up on their former boss and show they know what he does… and failing miserably.

I don’t want to go back and look at who we could’ve had, but I will at some point… maybe

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I think you make a very strong point here. The ironic part is that Belichick likes to get who are smart and good football players, but don’t necessarily have the traits other teams are looking for so he can scoop them up without paying a premium price. Quinn and Patricia got so cute with it that they were picking up the kind of guys Belichick would grab later in the draft…but using a premium pick to do it. So it basically defeated the purpose of making a sacrifice of “traits” because you were drafting the guy so damn high.