This is hilarious

Guy passing setting his pass rushing wife while wearing a Sewell
jersey during a Jets game tailgate in the parking lot—near the bottom of the article


Terrible pad level

It all goes back to Brad’n’Dan

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You know ur a stud, when fans are buying O-linemen jerseys!

Football Yes GIF by Detroit Lions


There’s a follow up to this story:

Sewell’s analysis of his pass set


That settles it, we need to draft Noah Sewell. If one Sewell is good, two have to be better.

Personally I would be very happy with Noah at our later first round pick (32?). In reality as long as we address DT and CB with someone quality in those first 5 picks I can live with whatever order Brad sees them in.


You were so close. He will go 31 because Miami’s draft pick is forfeit.

Where do you get one of those GRIT hoodies?

Look for Matthew Marvin to join the Practice Squad this spring.

Go for the trifecta:

Hire Rick Spielman
Sign UFA Equanimeous St. Brown
Draft Noah Sewell

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Try here, not sure exactly what hoodies you’re talking about

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It’s the one Sewell has on in the video


and part time Tight End.

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We already have Romeo and Juliet. Too bad we can’t steal Nephi Sewell off the Saint’s practice squad… they promoted him to the active roster.

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Williams x2
Sewell x2
Okwara x2
St Brown x2.
LOL → not the goal
Might instead break up the okwara combo.

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And once you got a brother, time to have some fun!!

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