This is NOT the same

Watch the energy in the room, when Dan is addressing the players.
They hang on his every word. They will not just play hard for him…they will GO TO WAR for him.

Watch the energy in the room when he’s in a press conference. The entire room is rooting for him to win, and pulling for his success. You can see even the “hard” questions after losses are delivered with a ton of respect, and even a little remorse. When he wins, the entire room is happy. Nobody is trying to bring this guy down. Everyone is rooting for him.

The energetics of this is going to help us manifest. If anyone knows the depth of what a true mastermind is, and how manifestation works…

Dan Campbell IS going to win here!
More inevitable than Thanos or IronMan. :wink:
It’s already done, it’s just not quite done yet.
FAITH is here. He’s forceful enough and strong enough to give it to others, and it is working. Wait until this MF’r has some actual talent on the roster.

Love our coach.
Always have.
Not gonna change.


Great point. We will never see Dan berating a reporter for not sitting totally upright

Still amazing how much of a douche nozzle Patty was


We have had a bad attack before, since the MCDC called for action, we have improved significantly.

Yup. As a Lions fan, you want to root for your guy, but every…single…thing about him was wrong.
System guy, not a creative football mind.
A fake bully amongst world class athletes.
Tried to hide his shortcomings (inauthentic)
Horrible with players
Horrible with coaches
hated himself/his life —and projected that onto others
Dishonest in general
Operated in a bubble with no healthy outside influence
…and much, much more.


Love it - the winning is coming. This offseason will be exciting to watch. I’m gonna enjoy the growth

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…and have fun with the ride

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And have even more fun when we’re smashing our division every year and winning playoff games.

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I’m impressed by how much Campbell has grown as a playcaller in just a few weeks. He needs to go out and get a top notch offensive coordinator this off-season but the offense is no longer unwatchable.

Hats off to Holmes for continuing to bring in good players off the street.


He looks exactly like my first brewer I hired and had to fire for being, well basically being a dick. My other employees called him ‘Angry philly guy’ and we all kind of never liked to see his cherry red ‘hate jeep’ pull up and park

I don’t even remember his name anymore, I just refer to him as ‘Angry battle dwarf’. He had the beard, short-man syndrome and embraces the ‘Im a philly guy’ thing, abrasiveness

The one and only firing I ever truly relished. And it’s the primary reason to this day I will always root against Philly

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Yup. I think Holmes has done REALLY well. Still hoping for more growth from Alim and Onzu, but all of the other ones have exceeded normal expectations. Holmes does this every year, our curve is dramatically reduced.

LOL - Strong emotional anchor. Classic! I have my share of those, for sure.

Seriously, this offense was literally the worst we’ve ever seen here just a few weeks ago. Feelin pretty good about the future going into 2022.


Bottom line is it has to translate to wins. Until it does the jury is still out.

So far we’ve seen a real mixed bag with Dan. Hopefully the guy can build on his recent success and win more football games.

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All true.

yes…with two constants

  1. Always a return to truth (Fire and effort), our truth/identity.
  2. Growth

Wait and see, boys.

If I’m wrong, I’m very, very wrong. This is what I’ve wanted from a HC since I was a kid watching Barry Sanders.


If Rodgers leaves the Packers we will win the nfc north next year

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Part of me wants him to stay so we can be the reason for his failure.
Part of me wants him gone, mostly because of how the refs treat him, but also GB fans deserve the misery of it. LOL


MCDC will win here. I dunno if it will be next year. But I wouldn’t be surprised. If you consider some of the losses we have suffered the two to the ravens and the Vikings as well as the tie. This never was a 0 win talent team or coaching staff. It isn’t even a 2 win team/coaching staff. It says a lot that this team is fun and enjoyable to watch 14 games into the season. I was pumped for the game, expecting a loss but knowing we would play hard and that if we played hard anything was possible. Love the growth on offense, Goff can win here too if we get some more talent on offense in here. Ben Johnson is auditioning for the OC position. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if he gets it. His hands are all over this turn around, even Goff very subtle improved pocket presence. Goff has confidence in the play calls and the caller…he did not with Lynn.


Out of likes → Word!

Hoping to sweet, tiny, baby Jesus that we have and/or get a great OC


I think onwuzurike and McNeil really need a year or two in the weight room. Being strong and being nfl strong are two different things.


I agree. I just hope it translates to a big boost in impact.

Been overly impressed with MCDC. I enjoyed some of the Uber aggressive play calls. I love playing so many young guys, and not giving up on them(Although,That was probably out of necessity).
Gotta wait and see if it works though. Tired of feeling good, only to get 2012’d again.


LOL - Yup. I get that.

I look at this almost like preseason. Trying things, testing guys out, putting ppl in certain situations, seeing who makes the roster. Yes trying to win, but not at all costs.