This is stupid

Waiting all god damn day just so I can root for Baker ■■■■■■■ Mayfield.

The only thing worse than being a Browns fan rooting for Baker Mayfield must be a Browns fan rooting for DeShaun Watson.

This is all dumb.

Next year, let’s go 15-2.


I’m kind of digging it. You’ve lived out this way long enough to familiarize yourself with Seachix fans. A castoff pissing on their playoff dreams couldn’t happen to a nicer, more knowledgeable bunch of fans.

Baker kind of owes the Lions… after the Raiders suffered brain damage and let him piss all over our bean from the Rams.

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I’m with you, that’s why I really wanted the games to be played at the same time.

Maybe Baker has a miracle in him.


The Raiders sure are terrible, you’d think a team playing in Vegas might be able to get a few calls late in a game right…haha how much longer until Josh M is back in New England taking over OC from Patricia!?

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That was the plan this year.
Then Romeo and Julian got broke.
Then Pascal got broke.
Then they put the can of whoop ass on the practice squad.
Then Jamo went to IR.
Then Big V and both his backups went on IR.
Then Jacobs got broke.
Then Amani forgot how to play.
Then Chark got broke.
Then Walker got broke.
Then Reynolds.
Then Cephus.
Then Sun God.
Then C (for Charles) Harris.
Then Swift.

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That would be a good poll….

a… Tuesday AM
b… after Patriots lose wild-card game (assuming they sneak in)
c… after NFL combine
d… after next season
e… after Mark Davis decides he can afford to eat 1… or maybe 2 years of Josh’s salary and the Raider fan base threatens mutiny?

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20-0 until proven otherwise baby!!