This one is relevant

UDFA while Brad worked in LA. Townsend coached him last year. Small and just turned thirty but can play outside and when doing so has been one of the stickier cover guys over the last three to four years.

I’ll be surprised if we’re not in the one bigly.


Most of the Jax fans I know said he’s terrible unless he’s playing outside. Like when they signed him and tried to play him in the slot it didn’t go well at all.

Which is just fine for us since we need help outside, but not as versatile as his size would indicate.


Yep. But he’s been a plus outside CB which is what we needs. Doesn’t affect the potential Jonah beans. As Alec Baldwin famously says in Glengarry Glenn Ross, “Always Beans Closing!”


This one makes a lot of sense. He is the exact opposite of Sean Murphy Bunting. He only plays outside CB which what we need.

Sign him… he would essentially replace the Mike Hughes/Jerry Jacobs/Orunwaryie spot as the top backup outside CB that we’ve had problems with the last few years.

  1. FULLER ?
  2. Sutton
  5. Vildor/Samuel Jr

Good post @CuriousHusker this one is relevant for sure

Give him the 1 year 8mil contract that Emmanuel Moseley got last year.


I think he’s going to have quite a few suitors. I doubt 1/8m gets it done. And if you acquire him, you start him.


Yeah, especially since he doesn’t count against the comp pick formula. Suitors will be lined up. But as you say we have an in.


LAR and ATL have ins and a need as well

Williams would be a nice signing.

Jags won the offseasons in 2021 and 2022 and now are releasing some of those signings. Last 3 years, have had to 9-8 seasons and a bad 3-14 (Urban).

I’m so glad we built through the draft and took some lumps.

Another release for the Jags.


Any idea what his contract would be? He’s turning 31 next week.

He signed a 3year 30 mil contract when he was 28. Was set to make 9mil base salary + bonuses this year but got released.

If 1 year 8 mil dont cut it…

I think 2 years 18 mil should get it done?

So that’s it then we sign him and focus on the draft for CB. No splash for a guy like Fuller too?

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I think we’d backstop it in the draft.

A Sutton-Williams pairing is a zone pairing IMO.


Maybe this is why we signed Townsend. Easy transition… bring all his guys :smiling_imp:

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Yes, I think this is the ball park, just as long as we don’t fully guarantee more than $9 on the 2yr deal.


I thought Mosely got a 2 year contract?

2/18m was kind of what I was thinking as well.

If we could do that and Autry as our early forays and then wait for some '23 CJGJ type of deals to come to us I would be happy with that approach. In terms of outside transactions at least. Bring back GG and perhaps Josh. Jonah if his market doesn’t materialize.


You think Jonah missed so many games because he’s soft? Or because it’s contract year? It kinda reminds me of swift’s last season. We all know how that ended

Could be a one year serious value guy. Fills a need, Brad knows him and he will likely be very reasonable in terms of contract at this point. Sign a guy like this, draft a CB and see where we are? Could work for me.

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If we get him, along w Moseley now in the fold again, I think we are done at CB until day 2.

Still plenty if cash to sprinkle on an impact DL in FA.


You guys prefer him? Think he’s better than Stephon Gilmore? I saw it predicted Gilmore could cost 1yr 11million. So similar price range

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I do. Gilmore will be 34 IIRC. And he influences the comp pick formula. Me and my beanz!