This pic says it all


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That’s fake. Roy doesn’t rush QBs,

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Cant be Roy, he’s not giving the “FIRST DOWN” sign losing by 24 in the 4th quarter …

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FYI, there are some VERY NSFW replies/retweets/whatever on the Bob W. Twitter link.

Oh yeah. Sorry about that. I only read the first two comments. Freaking Twitter idiots.
I just reported that poster.

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Same here.

I mean, she wasn’t even cute!

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Look man, I know you get revenue from clicks and all but this really isn’t the right place to advertise your porn site. :laughing:


Thanks for the shout out Glass.
Also, I’m selling a new male/bedroom enhancer. It’s called Honolulu Blue Bouncer.
(proprietary chemistry & compounds created in my garage)
It’s selling in Michigan like hot cakes. Detroit area specifically.


You sure that anything Lions-related would work as a performance enhancer? I warned my taekwondo instructor that having both the school’s logo and a Lions logo on the back window of his car is tempting fate.

Speaking of curses and fate, would you make a monkey’s paw deal for a SB win? Like you ask for a SB win before you die, and then suffer a massive heart attack right after they hand the Lombardi to the team? I wouldn’t do it now because I have too much life hopefully ahead of me. If I were a geezer though, I’d seriously consider it.

Hell if the Lions ever won the SB I bet half the fan base would immediately die of a heart attack anyway

Funny…I remember the 91 playoffs. I was so amped, it was like I was on drugs.
All I had was maybe two or three light beers, but I could have run through brick walls watching those games with Barry and the crew.

If they did, I’d be yelling at everyone and anyone that Stafford isn’t being paid enough, not even close.