This quote from Dan is telling

“I know it stings and those guys are disappointed. I’m disappointed, the staff is, but this is good,” Lions coach Dan Campbell said. “We’ll get a little humble pie here.”

Sounds to me like players and maybe coaching staff were awfully busy buying into their own greatness.

A lot of fans were guilty of that also. Hopefully we’re done with stupid stuff like blue masks.


CJ is a culprit here.

All he did was talk shit after the KC game, and then basically cost us a touchdown with an absurd late hit.


All he does is talk shit. You have to take the good and the bad sides of it.


Hmm, it’s almost like when guys talk shit before actually proving things, sports karma historically, inevitably, takes a giant shit right on their face…:thinking:

Hoping Dan, the staff and the players use this as motivation. We’ll see in a week.

AG was talking shit this week too, I can’t help but wonder if Dan is referencing that with his comments. Because that side of the ball is way too chippy for the lack of results they’ve shown.

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The NFL is 17 weekly seasons.

Each window between games is a chaotic season upon itself.

Who plays, game plan, mental state, attitudes, and location of games causes a never ending sea of change and adjustments.

I see 3-1 through the first 4. I had 2-2 but Atlanta is crap and GB is crap.

We all knew the Seahags were solid. Some bad bounces and here we sit. I mean basically a lock 6 and a scoop and score and the Lions still made it to OT. Then IMO that was a fumble into the end zone but anyway the whole North lost so the Lions are in fine shape for the Division

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This team will win it’s share , but it don’t have the horses to beat good teams or should I say top teams. Our interior DLine is real bad and our WRs imo are not good enough to compete against the big boys. And if Monty is out our Running game will take a big step back. These guys fight hard they will win some but to many weak spots to hang with good teams or team that don’t make mistakes.

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The difference is…we’ve seen this game. Hell we saw it last year with the same damn team. Coaching miscues and poor coordinator calls and gameplans cost us the playoffs last year. I dare say itll do the same this year. We just lost a tiebreaker game.


There’s plenty of blame to go around. Over there is the mirror.


Really nice post!!!

Netflix has lost two steps from the guy who racked up a few nice games right off the couch in 21’. I’d like to see us trade a conditional 7th to Rams for Akers right now. At the very least let’s promote Zonovan

Drummond has that jitterbug style to him, I’d like to see him activated and dressed in place of Jones Jr next week…

For a moment it seems like Holmes was feeling good about where Levi was, he creamed his suit for Bro Mart, and signed a decent extension to his glue guy- Buggs…… two deactivated and one invisible- we are somehow worse at DT than we were last year, and we went into the offseason knowing it was our biggest weakness- and had a ton of draft capital and cap space


DT is top priority next year draft wise.

People are picking on Jacobs too. Mosely needs to ramp up fast.


The team in general committed a lot of mental errors in this game.

It was sloppy again., for sure.


Is it “Suh” time ?


Right now, I would say a possible wild card spot is their ceiling. Which is better than what, the last 10 years? I was really disappointed by that D-Line.

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all offseason I kept hearing how good our defense is now—and bit full into it, hanging on every word . but watching this game was just bizzare , we got 1 sack and 1 pass deflection–and Geno sat back and kicked our ass. besides him… we were no stopping much of anything and frankly–I am worried what our win record will be. I am NOT seeing playoffs.

If the head coach cant make a team that has never won the nfc north be humble after 1 ■■■■■■■ game thats more telling about the coach. Goff has mentioned pumping the brakes because he seems pretty down to eath but hey head coach guy…thats YOUR ■■■■■■■ job to point the ship in the right direction. If you think the team is strutting around like super bowl champs you take them to the trophy case and show all the division titles. All fhe super bowl trophies.

We saw last year one ■■■■■■■ game keeps you out of the playoffs and it was the seattle game last year, just like this year.

Holy shit that pisses me off.

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feels like we just got a nice Pittsburgh Platter dropped by n above us……


Yep missed opportunities.