This quote from Dan is telling

Good quote.

In our MS football league, each team has 2 games of 7 that don’t count. 6 teams. Each team plays 2 teams twice, first game vs those 2 teams doesn’t count for record towards championship.

We dropped our first game on the road 26-0 after having high hopes in our first 2 weeks of practice. Our starting RB took a helmet to his knee in the first quarter and played til the mid 3rd qrt before his knee just couldn’t go anymore (bruised knee). Our other RB, only a 7th grader, fumbled three times that game.

Week 2, our RB played sparingly with a bum knee and covid/flu symptoms as we tried to work in other kids into the offense. We moved our 7th grade RB from week 1 to QB among other changes. This game counted as it was our only time to face that opponent (a weaker opponent that’s been destroyed each game they played) and we beat them only 28-12. Gained a little confidence.

We played the same team in week 3 that we played week one with our RB finally healthy, which was the game that counts against who we thought was the 2nd best team to this point. We beat them 20 to 12 after losing 26-0 2 weeks prior. Confidence continued to grow.

Fast forward to this past weekend we played what everybody had marked as the best team in the league so far and we beat them 13 to 12. But as coaches we cannot let the players think that they’re the best team only midway through the season. They haven’t to earned anything until hoisting the trophy after the championship game. Before that they must take care of business this week, and each week after. And now we have a target on our backs so they better bring it each week by playing like the underdogs we were the last two weeks. Focus and film study to continue to clean up mistakes and keep these kids humble. After all, we’re by far the smallest school in this league.

Right now, I’d put that at 50/50 with the pack.

lose 1 out of 2 games and all of a sudden you turn on the coaches !? we still have 15 more games to play , the season isn’t over tomorrow our PLAYERS fumbled the ball, threw a pick 6 , and turned the ball over 3 times -dropped a sure pass for a TD, we got to Geno ONE TIME , other than that he had a clean pocket all game AND our players started dropping like flies to injury,but we took Seattle to OT and damn near won anyway. It was a tough loss to swallow . you know what I blame on our coaches?—it’s jogging Montgomery’s ass out so damn much until he got hurt ! He’s not fully an “every down back” you can play all game. and with our OTHER O guys to use—it should-have never happened . They gave him the monster part of the PT and Gibby was used 12% of the game ! why didn’t we see any two back sets? or mix it up? these things bugger me .

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This is the exact reason I can’t stand the shit talkers. Shut up and play, let your play do the talking.


The one thing the Lions really have going for us is the NFC North sucks. Last year we were 5-1 vs the North, could have easily be 6-0 if we don’t blow the first Vikes game.

We win 10 games, 10-7 and I think that wins the north this year.


Not turning on them because we’re 1-1. Turning on them because AG can’t field a defense and Campbell is prone to reckless game strategy


@Snags-- you made a gif bashing Goff in another thread I can’t find–something about how he was our savior vs KC or something.

The guy has 576 yards , 4 TD’s , a 71.4 Completion % in 2 games “so far” in 2023 , complain about him when he does wrong and not for something to say or do.

Dan keeps talking about its the coaching staff to put the guys in the right position to win.

Its Dan that needs to eat the humble pie and stop putting these guys in terrible defensive formations, playing guys out of their positions of strength, etc.

The players are playing hard, but they are not being given the right scheme/plays. Dan got guys who would buy in 100%, but its what they bought into that is the problem.

Meaning he has to get more involved in AG’s defense. If this doesn’t get fixed fast I totally agree.

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I was being a smartass in refernce to a comment HSVlion made about how we were winning but it wasn’t because of Goff.

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I agree with this. And I fear we have a similar situation to what Caldwell experienced where our head coach has overachieved in such a huge way that fans expectations get warped and start blaming the coaches more than the lack of talent.

But our iDL and WRs are just not good enough. And the injuries are not helping especially on the O-line


LMAO it’s all good—hey at least we got football.

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@Snags is an Elder in the Goffling Association. It’s part of the GA mission statement to use sarcasm and illustrate silly arguments

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TBH the way that Goff is playing is why I still feel confident in us taking the division. Well that and the fact the division isn’t any good.


Atlanta has the #3 ranked defense. Det is 22nd.

Detroits Offense is averaging 26pts per game. Atl is 24.

Atlanta has the 4th best run game in the NFL while DET is 14th.

Most of this board thought SEA was a pushover.

Atlanta is a tough team.

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I think Atlanta is tough and lions having a very physical game last week is a big toll to face

Yet I have questions on Atlanta since I think Detroit faced better teams. In a small sample size, and the opponent in mind, would they be more similarly ranked if they faced same opponents ?

Definitely can’t be over confident. As a long time fan, I always feel superstitious in predicting wins so I don’t.

You are comparing apples and oranges son. Let’s look at the ranking at mid season. And at the end of the season. The Lions just played 2 of the better offenses in the NFL. KC is considered extremely good and Seattle’s is solid.
I have zero respect or fear of the Riddler. If your QB sucks in the NFL you will lose to good teams and you will lose most of your away games. This is an Away game for Atlanta and the Lions are good. So I have zero concern this week. Literally zero.