This team needs a defense

The number one priority for this team is NOT a QB, not an RB, not a WR. It’s a freakin’ Defense. Any time you give up 23 to the Trubisky Bears at the half, your defense fucking sucks. And a new QB ain’t going to change that.


Correct. Going to have to completely build a different defense. The big, strong, slow guys are not made for today’s NFL

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Agree 100%. Bears have 31st ranked offense in the league and they are moving the ball at will… what the bloody heck…

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By “defense” we mean about 24 or 25 players.

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Not many keepers out there IMHO. Maybe some if the new HC installs a new and different defense. Maybe.

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If we are generous, it’ll still be 20-ish.


This town needs an enema!!!


And the defense basically won the game in the end, haha the cardicac cats strike again!

Go lions!!! I’m so happy for this win.

One down 4 to go


I think Collins and Griffin (for a year or two), Romeo, Penisini, Walker, Flowers, Okudah, AO and Coleman can have some role in a pretty good defense. If we can keep Romeo and Griffin then we need a star safety, a high level interior pass rusher/disrupter and probably two LBs. I still have high hopes for Julian O. as well.


Only if the D 1st rd player is a cant miss, immediate impact D player (not another developmental guy like Okudah). Short of impact D, gotta take one of those next 3-4 QB’s after Lawrence/Fields, if they’re on the board.

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I definitely agree the huge focus has to be on the defensive side of the ball.

They do need to put a serious effort into our WRs though. We’re basically losing all of them at this point.

I’d hate to see our offense go to complete crap while they try to build this defense up.

We gave up 30 to basically Trubisky and David Montgomery.

Yeaahhhhh, all this " Hey I think we have a solid core"…

Micah Parsons the monster in the middle, this guy changes whole defense. And makes everyone better.

Yep Micah Parsons to start, I think him in the middle with Collins on the weak side and Ragland on the strong side. The LBs go from weakness to strength. And a pass rush and a playmaking safety and this defense is transformed

To me, the very first order of business is stopping the run. That’s how the Bears jumped off to their lead, every defense that is worth a damn stops the run and that means a really good MLB or 2 inside ILBs and 2 good DTs. It’s demoralizing when the other team is cramming it down your throat, plus it really sets up the play action pass. That’s how you get those safeties out of position. Right now it feels like the Lions are 0 for 3 or 4 in the middle of their defense.

Usually a defense has a weaknesss either against the run or pass or getting enough pressure on 3rd down. This defense can’t stop the run, can’t defend the pass and can’t get pressure on the QB. They also can’t play LB at an NFL level. This is one of the worst defenses I have ever seen as every QB they face looks like he is all pro, no matter how bad they are.

Micah Parsons

And that was against the 32nd ranked Bears running game coming in. :frowning:

I have to agree with this statement. We have nothing to build around on defense.