This team needs WR's

I’m sorry but Golladay is our only weapon, with him out Marvin Jones should be stepping-up and he’s just not.
Amendola seems very hit-n-miss. Cephus might be an ok receiver in a year or two but many of us have been calling for another receiver and we just haven’t gotten one. No playmakers on our roster without Golladay.

Not to mention Golladay could be history soon.

I would like to this offense with Golladay first before calling anything out. Other than a couple of plays, I don’t see much out of Hockenstein. He should be playing like Waller does for the Raiders.

Golladay is probably on Quin’s short list for the trade deadline trade. Him or Walker will be this years Tate/Diggs.

We have competent WRs but with the exception of Amendola, they aren’t great at separating. They play above the rim well.

So I agree. I don’t think our mix is quite right.

Hockenson is the least of my worry’s with this team. He’s played pretty well this year.

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Great draft class to be needing WRs in. Crazy deep. I think we should potentially grab two. Extend Golladay and let Jones and Amendola walk. Draft an outside WR and a slot prospect. One needs to be added fairly high to slide into the number 2 role unless Cephus emerges.

Tons of talent in the draft last year. Next year our top 3 could be gone.

I like this. I was actually hoping we got Jeudy in a trade-down scenario, this year.

That said, we’ll be changing defensive schemes, and will likely be needing an entire new D, from front to back. Hard to say what they draft.

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That 5th round draft pick from NE could be the final piece that gets us over the edge for our deep playoff run. Can’t wait!


You know what sucks about that? Flowers. Tonnnes if tied up money, and if this is a rebuild he will not be here on the other side of it. Total waste. I do hope they keep Golladay.

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I like Flowers more than most of yo guys. I think he can be a nice piece for the next regime.


I’d love to see us keep the O together, and get a new HC, DC, defensive scheme, philosophy, etc.

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Hockenson or Frank Ragnow are the best players on the team.

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As long as we take one with one of our picks in the top 3 of next year’s draft…much more important than the QB of the future /s. Sorry, this org makes me salty…wouldn’t it be totally Lions to take WR with the #2-3 pick if that’s their spot?

I wouldn’t mind dealing Marvin for maybe a 3rd or 4th (Patriots maybe?) and doing what the Bengals did this year with a QB 1 overall and a WR at 33. Amendola can walk. Golladay needs to be resigned.

DK sure would have been nice


It would be easier to name what the Lions don’t need: K, P, LS, RB, LOT, C.

That’s it…

I would’ve preferred A.J. Brown. He was my guy in round two in that draft class

Draft one, sign Corey Davis

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I personally would have taken Lamb at 3 over Okuda.