This vid makes me think we take a OT in the 1rst “Why Goff isn’t the problem in LA”

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I’m totally fine with that. I’d prefer a trade down first unless it’s Sewell but it’s an excellent OL class IMO.

We trade down to WAS and still get Slater who slides on account of his length. That’s a damn near perfect scenario IMO.

It’s a good draft for OL. I’d love to grab one in the second and wouldn’t cry about Sewell in the first, although I have other players I’d prefer.

Rashawn Slater, OT, Northwestern
This guy erased Chace Young.

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Like to hear that.
This video supports what one of the guys was saying in another conversation. Somebody was talking about how “as long as we keep him clean, he doesn’t need big weapons, just a clean pocket”…and…This is the type of QB he is. I feel this video supports that claim.

I’d like to see us pimp the O, and worry about D next year. Truthfully, I have no clue what to expect from Goff. I’d be disappointed, if he was below average. I feel like he needs more help from the run game and WRs than we have right now.

Nothing the front offices do would surprise me. I do agree that they want the “knee cap” culture. That said, I’d view building the O as a more forward thinking approach. Take care of Goff to see what we have in him, and if he doesnt’perform, we can bring a rook into really good spot to produce and learn.

I would not be surprised if they went for more “culture shifting” moves either --> Translation…nasty ass D and/or OL players.

#1 responsibility of RB is to keep the QB upright” was a pretty solid clue, as to what they may be looking for.

I’d love to see some 2 RB sets.

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Slater, in my opinion, has a higher floor due to his technique but Sewell has a higher ceiling due to his freakish athleticism.

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Sewell’s floor is just fine. He’s going to be really good. I’m certain of it.


The Rams went this way with Greg Robinson before they looped around and saved their bacon with Aaron Donald…

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Way more busts at WR than OT that I can think of. But maybe I’m just a Lions fan.


Add in Guard and we can include Laken T…

Actually a lot of our O-line did better playing for different teams. Reiff and Wagner. Laken too.


I think RT in round 2 is a strong possibility if the right guy is there. This draft class has some good OL in it and I expect a run on OT starting late round one. I do believe there will be options in round 3 and later but none are plug and play types.

Jalen Mayfield might just be our best option in round two. He’s a RT and super quick for a guy his size.

Jackson Carman is another guy I like that will probably go in the mid to late round two. A possibility if we trade down in round two.

I do think we will trade down at some point and add some picks.


Ya know I think Slater might drop a little on draft day. Rumor is he might be as short as 6’2. I’ve seen him listed at 6’2”, 6’3” and 6’4”. Most have him listed at 6’3”. He also reportedly has short arms for an OT at 32 3/4”.

NFL teams covet OT’s in the 6’6 - 6’7” range. Especially in the top 15 of the draft. Guys shorter than 6’5” tend to get drafted later. If he measures in at 6’2” I think he drops big time. Then factor in his short arms. It is rumored some teams don’t like him at OT. They see him as an OG for these two reasons.

I think he’s athletic enough to play tackle and some teams will overlook his short comings. But teams at the top of the draft might put Darrisaw over him for this reason. But I honestly still think he is one of the top 3 OT taken.

But where he measures in at his pro day is going to matter.

Goff doesn’t look like a “bridge” QB. Just someone who needs some further refinement.


James Hudson, Cincinnati, is a highly athletic powerful Tackle as well. Played at U of M, for 2 years then transferred. Some schools recruited him as a DT/DE others as an OT. He was expected to take over the RT position at UM, when he transferred Mayfield got the job. If we waited until the 3rd round, he would be a plug and play option. He may well go in round 2 though as Brooks had him rated as the 5th best OT in the draft.

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He’s gonna be a total stud for a decade plus.

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I’d be fine if it turned out this way, but I don’t think we should go into the draft thinking this way. Just draft the best players. If they turn out to be all offense (or all defense), so be it.


So, the Lions draft Sewel, would they move him to RT, or would they move Decker to the right side? Decker is 27 and under contract for another 3 years. He played very well last season.

IMO we need a RT and a RG and those players usually are not drated in the top 7.

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They simply need to re-sign ERFA Matt Nelson…

The difference between LT and RT is virtually nonexistent in today’s NFL, teams are too smart and regularly line up their best rushers on the left side of the defensive line if you put your classic slow, plodding tackle there. Hell Von Miller always lines up on the left side, it’s more important to have a good RT when facing Denver.