This wait is damn near agonizing

I love MNF but this is a looong wait.

I haven’t been this fired up about a Lions game since the 2014 playoff game.

…Also: I’m pretty sure this means I’m getting disappointed. Hopefully not SOL.


Feels like preseason all over again…lol


It wouldn’t feel that bad if it wasn’t a bye week

I knew my love for baseball has diminished over the years, but my god I keep forgetting they are even playing! I’m sitting at home thinking “well, what should I watch?” Then the next morning I see the highlights of baseball show up on my news feed and I’m like “dammit, I forgot again!”


Same. I’ll be watching the Rays tonight for sure though. Fun story with that team. (The Tigs are still my team though)



Of COURSE I read that in his voice.

I’m fully expecting a loss. They’ve conditioned me to be this way.

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I just want them to go at it. Whatever the outcome I want us to get on with it

I want them to stomp the Packers 3 times this year! Making our streak of 7 straight wins.


Lions do own the longest win streak in the series… 11 games I think? Maybe 10 and a tie? Can’t remember now damnit.

20 years ago I loved MNF. Not so much any more. I like my football on Sunday afternoons. Plus, the announcers are the worst assembled crew in MNF history and that’s including the Dennis Miller and Rush Limbaugh debacles.

Oh yeah, MNF has gone downhill and been replaced by SNF.

This is a good game and it was a total accident they got it. Nobody thought this was going to be a marquee match up. Because nobody believed in the Lions.

Still cool to watch the Lions in a night game though.

This game is going to be great, it will be worth the wait.

Something about MNF makes it much more intense of an experience. The world is watching! That’s friggin’ cool

It hasn’t been the same since Howard, Don and Frank were doing the game

Da-Da-Dada. i got pumped up for football whenever I heard that

It was the only real nationally televised game (other than Lions TDay) and an excuse to extend the weekend one more night. Playing on MNF back then was YUUUUUGE

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Myself included, to a certain degree.
See, I mentally prepare myself each week for a loss, not so much expect it.
Only issue I have, and maybe you as well, is when these games come down to the wire… THATS when I lose my mind.

I can live with a blowout loss, and be completely fine when the final whistle blows. But when s*** gets too tense to handle, my top comes off regardless of what the outcome is.

Well Adams is ruled out. That should help our defense.

And with our secondary at full strength, I would expect quite a few coverage sacks.
I do like our chances, I just can’t get over that hill of expecting some weird/stressful loss.
Maybe this will do it for me :crossed_fingers:

Okay last Sunday was rough watching games, with no Lions. Now, we face yet another Sunday without them! How much can a fan stand??