This was the BEST possible outcome

I wanted the Rams to win. I did. I wanted to see the Lions in the playoffs. But at the same time, I can’t help but think that this was the best possible outcome.

The team went into Lambeau. Won. Finished with a winning record, punished AR. But since they didn’t make the playoffs, they’ve still got that huge chip on their shoulder. So they get to finish on a high note, with a TON of momentum, but they still feel like they’re disrespected. I like that.

If they had gotten into the playoffs, maybe they make a Bengals-esque run, but they probably lose to San Fran. Then they would have ended the season with a loss, and yet they still might not have been as “hungry” in the offseason, because hey- they made the playoffs.

So, I’m happy with the way things turned out. And next year? I expect nothing less than an NFC North title. And a bye week in the playoffs.


They will be hungry


We have a damn fine, DAMN FINE team rolling into 2023


I mean, there was definately one better outcome. But this was exciting as hell.


Not the BEST outcome. I’d rather take my chances with them possibly losing to San Francisco, and getting playoff experience, than ending with a win against Green Bay and going home. I get what you’re saying but I disagree.


I would take playoffs over this. Feels good to win but I wanted this team to get playoff experience.


I hear ya… it sucks they don’t get a playoff game because they are equally as good as other teams getting in… would’ve been fun this year but we got a lot of great years to look forward to!!!

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I would feel pretty good about our chances against San Fran. Goff vs Purdy in mild weather. Damn you Baker Mayfield. You’re the suckiest suck that ever sucked.


I love beating GB on the road in a game GB had to win.

They had that display in game since 1992 Packers have had 4 qbs start vs Lions (Farve, Rodgers) and whoever the other 2 are it was because Packers were probably resting starters during last weeknfor playoffs.

Feels great to beat a team fighting for the playoffs.

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I wanted to make the playoffs but I think it would have got ugly for us in San Francisco


A taste of “Playoff Football”, even though regular season. The guys really seemed to enjoy that win, played hard even though eliminated. Sucks that it is over, but future is bright.

Depends on which run defense would’ve showed up.

San Frans defense is real. At our best, we probably hang in there, but lose 30-20.

We won’t be a fun team to play against next year, when our defense moves up from their 32 rating.

Yep. We just went 9-8 with the 32nd ranked defense.

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Best outcome for next season. Agreed. Just playing 1-3 games less is less wear and tear on the boys for next season too (though you could say less experience).

For this season, I feel the Lions are hitting their stride at the right time and I believe the Lions could have made it to the NFC championship and maybe the super bowl. The NFC is that weak and while I think the 49ers are better overall, The lions match up better than most by having a sack generating DL and while the secondary is weak and hurt, Purdy doesn’t scare me as much as hurtz with his ability to run and hit the deep ball.

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