This year I feel like a fan of a new expansion team!

Weird weird year - it feels so different right now regarding this team and overall organization…

That is all

Love you all!


That’s one thing with the Lions, we get to relive that feeling every 3 years or so.


It’s called “The Long game”.

We’ve been expanding for 60+ years. The plan is finally coming together…


Yes! When we picked up Dan Campbell at a TE in 2008, Sheila was like… “I foresee this man become the next next BB”! Nothing matters until he can become the one!

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I’m still not sure how well this collaborative approach is going to work out – when you get down to tough decisions that need to be made quickly, and there’s differences of agreement, what happens?

BUT … the benefit I see to the approach is, it’s putting more brain power on all of these decisions. It’s providing a buffer for individual biases and fixations. I can see where it might prevent a situation like we had with the last regime, where they came in thinking they knew everything about what had worked at their last stop – and it turned out they were clueless, and tore a pretty decent team down. It might prevent a situation like Bob Quinn “watching more tape on Teez Tabor than anyone he ever had” and not being able to see he didn’t have an NFL skill set.

With a collaborative approach, hopefully some other people are going to counter that kind of thing. More brains, more people who’ve seen things over years and decades from different NFL backgrounds, I think that could help prevent the kind of really bone-headed mistakes that have kept this franchise a laughing stock.

It’s like Dan stated… if all of the individuals on the leadership team put the team first, above thier own personal ideas and open mindedly look at the groups idea as well… the best overall ideas will prevail

On the collaborative approach…one small observation. It might not come down to QB, but I find it interesting that we brought in John Dorsey. He’s great at talent evaluation and known to be bad with his people skills. Dorsey was the GM in KC when they traded up for Mahomes. He was also in Cleveland when they passed on Josh Allen (when they needed a QB) and traded the pick to BUF. The next year, they took Baker 1st overall (with their own pick). So he has some great experience with these sorts of situations. Hard to say were not like Cleveland was three years ago…basically an expansion team that took decades to get a playoff win.

Biggest difference is at the QB spot when comparing Detroit now to Cleveland then. We have a QB who has been to the SB which Cleveland didn’t