Thought Exercise: Ford-owned Lions go to London. BUT

… Detroit isn’t GUARANTEED a new NFL franchise. BUT, Metro Detroit would be the largest TV market without one.

You down for the move, excising the cancer, and taking your chances on what happens next?

If you get a new team, it’s new owners, new colors, new logo. No more Lions (except in London, where their logo now looks like this).:


Maybe there’s a wall in the stadium in Detroit (and London)where the great Lions teams of the '50s and Barry are remembered, but that’s about it.

You’re Lions-free. You’re Fords-free. You’re temporarily NFL team-free. But PROBABLY not for long. It doesn’t make sense – to the NFL, to Dan Gilbert or whoever would want the new Detroit NFL team – to leave a market this big teamless.

Deal or no deal? Why or why not?

Maybe they could share the Lions with us and we could use the 9 3/4 Platform at King’s Cross Station to travel back and forth!!!

Seeing as I live in Connecticut and have no connection to the city of Detroit besides owning a few Fords and a GMC Jimmy in my life…l’d be down!

No offense, y’all, but I think I’d rather travel to London than Detroit to go see a home game.


Ah, so you would keep following the Lions across The Pond?


With apologies to Bobby Layne, Doak Walker, Tobin Rote, Hopalong Cassidy, Yale Larry, et al, what team legacy are we holding onto here?

I think I’d leap at the opportunity to be purged of what the Lions have represented for 60 years; and the color scheme involving Honolulu (?!) that we have because some suit long ago liked the color.

How 'bout Great Lakes blue?

I hate to admit this but I want the Lions to move.

I’m too loyal to ever actually stop rooting for them and my connection started because I was born in Michigan.

At this point in my life I’ve lived in Texas longer than Michigan and them leaving would be the event that I need to let go.

Can’t support em if they leave to London and I wouldn’t support a team created while I lived 1300 miles away.

I just want them to sell to Gilbert honestly

Hmmmm, yes I think I’d be one of the new London Faithful.

Now, I did not, however, follow the Carolina Hurricanes when they relocated from Hartford. But I think the shoe would be on the other foot here.

Shoutout to another Detroit fan from CT!! Legit loyalty in between all those rings in NY + BOS.

How’d get you roped in?

For me it was the video “NFL Rocks” with Barry highlights stealing the show when I was 5

Edit: fk why we gotta bring the whale into this thread :sob:

I wouldn’t abandon the Lions in London. London is a big market like LA that they will absolutely want to see succeed. The ref bias will poof disappear.

Also did I miss something. Why is this being talking about?

Hell, no. I’d have to find something else to be miserable about. I can depend upon the Lions crushing my hopes every year as surely as the sun rising in the east. They provide a familiar rhythm in my life, uncomfortable and exasperating of course, but something to hang on to in this chaotic world.


Ugh, no…

I don’t know. The UK has been a pretty good ally.

It’ll clearly be the Jags

I would support the idea of the Lions moving to London. It would make it easier for me to move on

i stopped going to the games a while ago. So it wouldn’t really matter much.