Thoughts on Decker's Game 3?

Agnew definitely bounced back, but Decker didn’t have a penalty or allow a sack.

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I thought Decker was rotating with Crosby? Anyone else see it?

Didn’t see that. I did see the guards rotating, though.

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Ha, I predicted Marvin Hall would get a TD on his first touch. Instead it was Agnew. My spidey senses aren’t perfect. But they’z real bro.


I wasn’t aware of that, which guards were rotating?

Joe Dahl — 58 snaps, 91-percent

Graham Glasgow — 50 snaps, 78-percent

Kenny Wiggins — 20, 31-percent


Offensive tackles

Rick Wagner: 64 (100%) — 6 (20%)
Taylor Decker: 64 (100%)
Tyrell Crosby: 0 (0%) — 6 (20%)

I’m not sure what the later part means.

Special teams

Luk is right, those are special teams snaps, ie FG blocking unit