Thoughts on today’s game

  1. Golladay is a beast
  2. Both Johnsons are good. Anyone know how bad KJ got hurt?
  3. Tavai made a huge play and overall is playing well. Will be interesting to see if/how they utilize him once Davis is back.
  4. I think I like the new OC
  5. Stafford’s needs to be better than that second pick. But at least it was a long throw… basically a punt.
  6. TJ had a quiet game but wasn’t asked to do much. Jesse James stepped up when needed. I’m really happy with our TEs.

Yes, he almost broke up that interception in the end zone too. He is a good defensive back when he needs to be.

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1:) yep. Serviceable true number 1. Not one of the truly elite guys but in that next tier
2:) i’ve been on Ty for a while. As i’ve said a few times on here, if we get sophomore Ty we’re in business. He should be our KR btw
3:) JT’s a player. Very instinctive but a bit lacking in range. JD is very fast and agile but with only meh instincts. I think they’ll make a nice pair.
4:). Agree. I was thinking about this recently. If he hands the ball to Marshawn in that game is DB even available as a coordinator hire
5:). Both of Stafford’s pick were due to poor risk/reward analysis. He needs to do better. Otherwise he played pretty well.
6;). We need to scheme TJ the ball. Dude is special

He also tackles hard causing fumbles and recovering.

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The Lions played like garbage for the most part, and did everything they could to lose. Prater missing multiple kicks… does that happen again in the next 3 years?

Good teams find ways to win in awful situations… and that’s what the Lions did. LAC was a team ripe for the picking… the Lions won and it wasn’t pretty. There are no style points in this league. This isn’t college football.

The Lions have a decent roster and an awful coaching staff. If the coaching staff can GTFO of the way this team could make the playoffs.

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Yup - he actually batted the ball pretty well. It was a massive fluke play that he caught it. Amazing catch by DB.

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Pretty good post game interview of stafford talking about both ints. I agree with him on the first, you have Kenny G 1 on 1 you try that 10/10 times. He admits maybe a better throw but not apologizing for the try, and i’m with him. The second one was just bad. Even if incomplete it was a bad decision. He admits that and included he had the rb in the flat for a gain. I’m glad he takes ownership, now let’s hope he learns from it. He may never be mahomes but thank God he’s not cousins


Lions vs. Chargers: Locker Room Celebration


I’m a huge fan of taking deep shots. You have so many things that can go “right” for you on those plays, and the worst thing that can happen typically is a long INT that functions just like a punt.

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Such a nice change, happy times in the locker room.

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I actually like it too, but make it a DEEP shot, like the worst that happens is an overthrow. had stafford highpointed the one to golladay early it’s not a pick at all. granted you’re throwing it a gazillion yards down the field and you have to throw it about 2 feet higher but dangit, that’s why he’s paid the big bucks :grinning:

The second one, while a horrible decision, was at least (as stated by wes) the equivalent if a 51yd punt with no return which is 10yds better than our punter has been averaging. What the hell happened to him? 3-4 yrs ago he finished with one if the highest averages in nfl history

“I’m a huge fan of taking deep shots. You have so many things that can go “right” for you on those plays, and the worst thing that can happen typically is a long INT that functions just like a punt.”

I agree

I just prefer not to punt on 1st down


I agree, but this is a punt with a much higher probability of something “good” happening for the team. At least with a throw, we have a chance at a catch or pass interference. We also loosen up the defense a bit, potentially.

I really got no issue with taking that shot there. It was a 50-50 ball and like you said we could get a 50 yard penalty and the downside isn’t terrible.

That INT is a stat his haters will hold against him but at the end of the day it’s a stat that really is misleading. It was a 50-50 ball and the DB made the play. Way better than throwing an INT in the flats or something

And it does keep the D honest as you point out. Honestly I think we didn’t take enough deep shots when Stafford was being coached to be overly ball secure. You need a balance

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Big Ben is someone who has no issue throwing an interception on those types of plays…and like you said his end of the year stats reflect his willingness to care more about trying to win the football game than his stat line.

Its funny because if you are throwing an end of the half hail mary or some kind of low percentage shot play, some QBs will purposely overthrow it or throw it out of bounds to protect their stat line. They know those stats are ultimately what they are judged on at contract time, so they don’t want the added INTs. I remember hearing Chris Webber talk about a similar thing when it comes to basketball players. He said watch how many guys are asked to take some low percentage half court heave shot at the end of a quarter…and just so happen to release the ball a split second after the buzzer sounds. They do that to protect their stat line, because they know those misses add up and screw with their yearly shooting percentage…and that’s what alot of guys get paid by.

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On TJ - he did what he was asked to do this game and that was block!!

48 of 61 snaps (78%) He was in the game and was only targeted 3 times!

I love the versatility already shown from him and the OC willingness to trust him like this… one game a Rex and the next a blocker!

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I feel the truth is somewhere in the middle. Since his injury, he hasn’t been quite the same. In his defense, he’s been pinning people deep, so field position at the time of the punt matters a lot.

Man, that one he punted out of the end zone was an untimely shitty one. Really could use some of his old school bombs he used to boot all the time.

Yup - awesome!
TJ came in with an attitude that he was incredibly lucky, and that he needs to earn his opportunity - LOVE that.

As our OL gets better, TJ will be used in this way less. He was a big, scary decoy, last game. LOL. And a blocker.

He’s earning his stripes. Love this dude. He enjoys contact, isn’t scared of anything, and plays his ass off. Everything about him is good for this organization. He deserves to have amazing health and a long career. If he gets that, he will likely be a HOF guy. LOL - I"m usually the last guy to put the cart before the horse or buy into hype. It’s so obvious this dude is the real deal…as a man…playing football is just what he happens to do for a living.

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I’d rather see the aggressive Staff rather than the neutered down version that Caldwell coached. Can you imagine Favre being forced to play that way?

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