Three DT's to Discuss in FA

Jordan Phillips DT
|DOB (Age):|9/21/1992 (27)|
|HT/WT:|6’ 6" / 341 lbs.|

Vernon Butler DT
|DOB (Age):|6/14/1994 (25)|
|HT/WT:|6’ 4" / 330 lbs.|

Danny Shelton DT
|DOB (Age):|8/20/1993 (26)|
|HT/WT:|6’ 2" / 345 lbs.|

Three DT’s that could replace Robinson or Snacks if he retires .

They would be in the 5 million per years for like 3 years Think 15 to 20 for 3 years

I am not listing guys like C Jones its rumored he wants in high teens per year.

I think these 3 would work as the run stopper we need to help are DL.

Want fans opinions an not oh he sucks an I want player X. Check these guys stats an try to give sound pros or cons.

Trying to learn what others think an not just I would like so an so . Check the 3 stats an tell what you would like or dislike about them . I will post 3 more UFAs in few days to discuss.

Look at these 3 as replacement for now until we know about Snacks . I think he comes back for 2020.

Lets try an learn about these 3 an I will post more .

Lets try an discuss the pros an cons of just these 3 .

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I am a big fan of these three guys ‘Yote. The Lions cannot afford to count on just Harrison anymore IF he is even back. This defense doesn’t work without a solid nose tackle stuffin’ the run and pushing the pocket. I would be happy with ANY of these guys.

Butler is the guy that intrigues me the most as he hasn’t really been in a 3/4 and maybe he would be a monster in a scheme like this?

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I also like Butler, I think he is just starting to reach his potential.

A big body in the middle of the Bulldogs’ defense, Butler proved in his two years as a starter that he has the girth and nimble feet to clog up running lanes. Conference USA coaches rectified their error in not giving Butler all-conference recognition in 2014 (56 tackles, 13.5 tackles for loss) by voting him first-team All-C-USA after his senior year (50 tackles, 10 TFL, three sacks, eight quarterback hurries). NFL teams will not miss the opportunity to add Butler to their interior.


40-yard dash: 5.15 seconds
Vertical: 33 1/2 inches
Broad jump: 9 feet, 3 inches



Long-­armed knee-bender who can play the role of low man at the point of attack. Plays with strong hands and good arm extension and can “peek­a­boo” both gaps as he reads which hole the running back heads for. Impressive stack and shed timing and power. Able to eat up double teams and keep his linebackers clean when asked to. Excellent athleticism. Can make plays all along the line of scrimmage. If blocker doesn’t finish, Butler will work himself back into the play. Able to coordinate hands and feet smoothly and has change of direction and closing burst to become a dominant pass rusher from inside. Can slide from gap to gap as a pass rusher and is a perfect fit for twist-­based defense. Generally attacks gaps with forward lean and ability to corner the edge when he has his man beat. Can stutter-­step into pass rush to disrupt offensive lineman’s timing or generate a speed-­to-­power bull rush that can severely dent a pocket. Gives consistent effort and plays like a lead dog looking to eat.


Build is athletic, but a little bit top heavy. Will play with inconsistent base when his pad level gets too high trying to win through the gaps. Will try to out-muscle his opponent when his initial pass rush gets stuck in neutral, rather than use counter moves. For all of his potential and talent, wasn’t as productive as NFL scouts are used to. Plays with some wasted energy and motion and needs to work more efficiently.


Rounds 1 or 2


Muhammad Wilkerson


Athletic interior lineman with long arms and outstanding athleticism that allows him to work on offensive linemen with a combination of power and quickness. Butler has a raw but diverse skillset as a pass rusher that should excite NFL evaluators who see the potential of what he can be with more coaching and experience. With his effort and defensive ball awareness, his ceiling appears to be high with a chance to become a high-­level starter for an odd or even front defense.

I been on Butler for awhile I think he’s a good fit, had 6 sacks this year he is just coming into his own.
Like Phillips to would love to see him and Butler side by side.

I would agree Mouse an both would cost less IMO than many bigger names.

One would be ok if Snacks comes back but both those would work if he doesn’t

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Add one more to the list. would be a good replacement for Snacks.

D.J. Reader

Position : DT
6-3, 347lb (190cm, 157kg)

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Jordan Phillips is getting way more than $5M per year. A few of the others mentioned are as well but Phillips is getting paid.

Uber talented guy that just had the light bulb go on.

He is good but will be at least 4 million more than the 3 I listed just my guess.

he is listed to make roughly 6.5 million on a 3 year deal by the web site so he is on high end of my 3 but your looking at 6 to 8 mil but The KC guy is talking 20 mil a year I would take two of these at 12 to 16

I think Phillips ends up in the 3yr/30m range. He’s going to be a hot commodity

I think most years he might get something like that, but have you seen how loaded the FA class is at DT? It’s really astounding (and good for us). I also think it’s telling that the Bills are letting him go, he’s aces at attacking the passer, but according to Bills fans I know, a liability against the run.

I’ve regularly commented on how loaded DT is and how good that is for us. But sacks get guys paid whether that is fair or not. Unless I’m mistaken Phillips sack total was over 50% greater than the next available DT (assuming Jones is not a free agent.)

I expect Phillips to be a hot commodity for that reason.

Jarrad Reed is who I’d like to see us target. According to sources in Seattle Reed is looking for 10m per. I expect that 9m per +- 2m to be the going rate for the high end DTs

Oh I don’t disagree that he’s gonna be coveted, I just think the supply is gonna keep his money down. I only brought up the run defense stuff as it pertains to his fit with us.

So by keep it down what are you suggesting 8.5m per year?

He made 4.5m last year and that contract was signed months after having being claimed off waivers. This year he’s coming off a season in which I believe he was third in sacks by a DT. 5-6m just seems like a pipe dream. Armstead is supposed to get around 15m per so I don’t think 10m for Phillips is out of the question by any means.

Yeah, it’s hard to say. In a regular market I think 9-10 would be about right, but when he asks for it I’d just tell him well I’d rather sign Vernon Butler instead. Or Michael Brockers or David Onyemata or Shelby Harris or Timmy Jernigan or Marcell Dareus or Michael Pierce or on and on and on. I just think the DT market’s gonna be a little depressed this offseason. But it only takes one team to love him and pay him at his ceiling so it could definitely happen.

I hope that you’re right as I’m pretty sure that we’ll be shopping for that position group

Yeah Phillips will be 10 mil or more, Butler will probably be in the 8 mil range.

I like Jordan Phillips game.

There’s a lot of DT free agents to choose from.

This is the guy I want.