Three predictions for football this year

Kansas City repeats as champios winning the Super Bowl.
Baltimore leads the league in rushing.
Dallas and Green Bay miss the playoffs.

Three for the Lions
Lions win ten games go to the playoffs
Lions unleash Stafford for an MVP run type season.
Lions finish top half in rushing.


I’m predicting folks will think you’re crazy lol
Just kiddin! The other teams predictions sound about right. I’ve been burned by the Lions too many time to sip their kool-aid. I’ll believe it when I see it.


I really think they were a Stafford away from ten last year, so, Stafford’s back.

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Tampa wins 11 games and Brady throws for 40+ TDs winning league MVP again.
Raiders make the playoffs.
Browns also make the playoffs. (two more teams like SF that would have hit the bottom and rebounded in just a few years, while we…)

We win 6 games.
Our fans will use the injury and officials excuse again.
Quinntricia will return for 2021.

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Umm, they had Stafford last year and won 3 of 8 games with him. You really think he was going to lead them to a 7-1 record in the last 8 games??

I thought they banned you. Too bad they didn’t have the foresight to make it permanent.


Lol. I was not banned. Last I knew they don’t ban people who don’t get a boner over a 3 win team.

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Agree on all of this, but predict Lions in top THIRD for rushing


Lions win division and host playoff game for first time in 30 years and no fans allowed to attend😬


Only thing I can’t see happening is the Lions and running the ball well.
The Lions and rushing just don’t go together. Like Washington and good management. The Bears and a good QB. The Packers and a good guy at QB.

New England finishes with 5 wins.
Eagles with a healthy Wentz win the SB.
Lions dominate the preseason, going 4-0 and fans proclaim a SB is in the works
Lions start off 1-7, end up 4-12 yet Patricia is brought back for another year because Martha says 4 is better than 3.

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I think Swift will run the ball well, wether the rest of the team does, or not :wink:

I think Bevell is a different animal, and that we have gone out of our way to get some aggressive, run-blocking OL. May have some continuity problems early, but I feel they’ll eventually get it right. I feel like the run will go better than pass blocking early on. May see a ton of quick-hitting stuff out of max protect early, which will allow teams to tighten up the coverages early in the season.

The thinking has to be that the Lions will run the ball until teams have to play them for the run, then Stafford will blow them apart with shots down the field.

It is an entirely different game when you have to play the run first. You cannot get up the field in the pass rush, you hesitate for even a tenth of a second, you’re beat.

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1 - we start out with half empty seats in all stadiums: viral fear rules the system!
2 - we play get 3 PS games due to the above fear…
3 - at least one NFL team is forced to forfeit the season as 25% of that team gets the virus and causes the scenario from #1.


1 - Matt plays a full season without injury
2 - fans end up loving MP
3 - we become the first and only team in history to be the new seventh seed in the NFC and go all the way to the SB for a win… no one ever repeats this again … :upside_down_face::heart::+1::pray:


So, we get to 10-5, and can back into the playoffs even with a loss, and then we find out that 26% of our team has Covid and we don’t get to go to the playoffs… that sounds particularly Lions-y.

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Lols , there no offense winning 10 games with the defense we had last year. The only reason Stafford sat out the whole season was because we had nothing to play for by thanksgiving.
So change how the season actually went.

But to your original post, them are all good predictions and possible.

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Not a prediction but my god is Dallas getting overrated AGAIN for like the 20th straight year. It’s unbelievable how much the pundits slurp that franchise despite it being perfectly mediocre for two decades. They have a lot of talent but it never seems to come together.

My concern is that the Lions will be forced to play their games out of State due to Covid restriction in Michigan.

The Lions then win less than 5 games but Martha decides to retain the coaching staff because we didn’t play many home games.

Just read an article wherein they speculate a 20000 max seating capacity at Michigan Stadium.

I can’t see it happening due to season ticket holders. How do you decide who goes and who doesn’t?

Think about this I 4 have seats next to each other. So two people stay home?

The logical choice for the NFL is to move the games out of state.

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