Three underrated defenders for the Lions defense

I think Wingo is raw and needs to sit most of this year

Stay healthy for a change

I don’t think Robertson is underrated at all :person_shrugging:

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Strange article it’s like they just picked 3 random additions to our defense.

Davenport I got him at 50 tackles 7 sacks

"Much of the reasoning to why Robertson may rarely leave the field is due to my thought of the Lions playing more nickel and dime packages than they have in the past. "

The Lions have to have trust in their DL to keep a dime on the field. A lot of untold trust in that statement.

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@Nate I am having some issue posting…it’s always saying 500 error before it actually posts what I commenting on??

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I get the 500 error but it still posts.

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Same - also, my keyboard is broken @Nate :wink:
Love ya, bro. We’re working around it, so not extremely time sensitive…just a small pain in the butt.

lol I blame @Nate …for tweaking the system…

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