Through two weeks - the good

1:) Jared is still playing at an exceptionally high level
2:) Sam LaPorta appears to be a superstar in the making
3:) Josh Reynolds has been significantly underrated by national folks
4:) I haven’t noticed Sutton outside of the week 1 PI so I think that likely means he’s been decently solid
5:) Monty has shown a bit more juice than I expected
6:) Derrick Barnes has arrived
7:) Benito Jones is a step up from Buggs as a pure nose and has played quite well IMO
8:) Branch didn’t play as well but he’s going to be a cornerstone for a long time
9:) Vaitai was severely outperforming my expectations until his injury

Any other positivity to highlight from the first weeks.


No. 38 in receiving yards:

LaPorta with 10 receptions for 102 yards—10.2 ypr

No. 39 in receiving yards:

Hock with 15 receptions for 101 yards—6.7 ypr

Not a bad start for the rookie making millions less.


1st Rd pick No. 10 overall:

11 catches 178 yards 2 TDs

4th Rd pick No. 112 overall:

12 catches 173 yards 1 TD

Yeah Jared has played well and has picked up were he left off.

Laporta has been solid

Reynolds has played well and is trying to ease the pain of no #2.

Hutch is a positive but the rest of the Dline is a liability .

And I like most of the secondary there a work in progress.

The kicker hit his field goal to send us into over time.

Monty has been really good hope he is not out long our season depends on him not being.

And Fox punted well of course.

But most of all we got rid of the mask fiasco.

Jones has a better anchor than Buggs, but Buggs is potentially the best interior rusher of the 4 bigs, and that’s not saying much.

Point 9 is soured by the injury and the image I have in my head of a helmet-less Sewell taking a knee when his bud lay motionless on the turf.

I like that OP acknowledged Josh Reynolds
I’ve long thought he gets a negative rap by just about everyone when he’s been effective over the last two years :person_shrugging:

Had we polled the board before the season started most would have been fine with a 1-1 start.

But losses get a lot more action here than wins :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Reynolds, Goff and LaPorta are coming through big time.
Goff’s consistency through the last 12 games is admirable. He turned a corner last year and hasn’t looked back.

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Good list…

Point 4… don’t you think, if Jerry wasn’t such a liability, Sutton might get thrown at more?

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This team can play better. There has been a lot of sloppy play throughout the league. We have to get in sync.
Good list of positives OP.
After 2 weeks we now have 5 teams on our schedule that are 2-0. Falcons, Saints, Bucs, Cowboys, and the Ravens. We need to help them out in the loss columns.

I get that it’s fantasy so whatever but through two games Josh Reynolds is #9 in PPR formats sitting between Diggs and Lamb. He’s not a number one of course but he’s performed like on for two games.

Derrick Barnes is the biggest surprise for me and probably everyone except @Cap. LaPorta balling out in the 4th quarter like that in only his 2nd game is making the Brad look even more genius-ey than I thought.

I’m not sure what a lot of people are seeing in Benito Jones. I suppose Buggs and BroMart could be worse, but I’d like to see either of them get some snaps to find out.

Barnes has taken the leap that we’ve all been hoping for.

I was on Barnes in 2020

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I would add that Campbell has been pretty solid for a rookie LB. Haven’t seen him getting torched in coverage much and seems to tackle well.

Campbell should be playing more, I saw a stat from the Seattle game on Anzalone allowed five receptions on five targets for 50 yards, with 31 yards added after the catch while missing three tackles.

I know he has played decent but he isn’t a coverage LB and Campbell seems to have the speed and length to do it