Thru the 1st 2 weeks the Lions

Yup - Health of Hutch will be a big deal as well.
I think the O is gonna improve a lot. I see a lot of room for “clicking” more, even not counting the injured guys coming back.

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I don’t think that’s possible with the “20th+ rated QB”


Keep in mind that the defense has been hit hardest by the injury bug. How different is this unit with okwara, iffy, Jacobs, paschal, onwuzurike healthy? They’ll get an influx of talent when some of those guys return. We’ll also get better as players like Rodriguez, Hutchinson and board develop. Glenn will continue to have a better and better feel how to use these chess pieces. We also won’t be playing two of the top offenses in the nfc going forward. Those numbers will come down once we start playing the giants and bears of the world.

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Its been football porn for some stretches for me. I have loved every minute of this season so far.

It’ll be interesting to see how teams adjust to what they are doing with Johnson’s new offense. And if we can readjust.

We may see the first round of this with Blough in Minny this week.


Yes to all of this, especially the “football porn” comment.
Perfection, so far.
I have a feeling our offense is not nearly fully opened yet. I guarantee you when JaMoss comes in, we’re gonna show a lot of things that isn’t on film yet.
…then the OL gets healthier. hahahhahahuahaahah!

Injuries are 100% absolutely without a doubt going to happen. All season. There is no world where these players above come back without you simultaneously losing players. Just today Cominsky had hand surgery and is now out for a while. Look at the OL - injuries happen and well coached teams find ways to patch it up and move forward. If the Lions D needs to be at 100% perfect health to be successful then we have issues.

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Yes injuries do happen. My point above though wasn’t about injuries it was about the players that could potentially come back. Each one of those guys is a potential impact player. You lose a cominsky but get back okwara fully healthy that is a wash or possibly even an upgrade. Getting iffy and Jacobs back upgrades the talent and depth in the secondary. I’d personally rather see Jacobs out there than Harris.

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Pretty cool we have the top rated rookie defender through week two in Rodrigo. The offensive player of the week in Amon, Hutch is up for rookie of the week and Goff nominated for air mail qb of the week

…and Fox!

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